February 5, 2008


Three things that helped me get through the day:

1. Tea with an old neighbor in my old ‘hood

2. Dinner courtesy of my mom. I heated up frozen sauce & meatballs my mom gave me. Her handwriting on the outside of the ziploc was soo cute! She wrote the meatball count: 12

spaghetti & meatballs!

I love her. She makes us chocolate suckers and sends them in the mail!

These are for Valentines Day:

my mom makes us valentine's candy

3. I started my morning with some yummy coffee & watched the squirrels play around the backyard

a glimpse of sun today

just another sunday

the anticipation kills me

so basically—Tea, Coffee & Meatballs helped me get through the day!

  • Anna

    Tea is always good. I hope you’re feeling better.

    I love love love the flowers on your kitchen windowsill.

  • Tracy

    thank you! i got all the flowers from Trader Joe’s out of all places! I’m feeling a bit better 😉

  • jeska

    Looks a very beautiful day : ) Hope your weekend is as lovely.

  • Bevie Pop

    I love you too! How were the meatballs? Elaine visited us today and loves your website too. Such a talented baby girl.


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