February 27, 2013

Out to Eat: Delarosa

When you have a child, finding a kid friendly restaurant with great food can be a challenge. That’s why  we love going to Delarosa when we’re in San Francisco with Cooper. The restaurant is not too far from where my parents live in the city and it’s a very quick trip for us from Marin because it’s right off the Golden Gate Bridge on Chestnut Street. It works out well for us when we want an impromptu lunch with my parents on a weekend. We love it and the food is nothing short of exceptional.

This time around, we ordered the fried Brussels-sprouts with Caper Aioli.

Have you had Crispy Fried Brussels Sprouts? They’re fantastic!

We also are huge fans of their burrata bruschetta. These grilled slices of bread are topped with creamy burrata, drizzled with honey & topped with toasted hazelnuts.

It’s such a simple idea that makes a big impact. I will most certainly make this at home!

A lovely Arugula Salad with Fennel & shaved Parmesan.

I make a similar salad with figs and another one with oranges at home.

We ALWAYS order a side (or two!) of meatballs. Their sauce is simple and my dad LOVES how delicate the meatballs are. They aren’t packed with breadcrumbs; they’re tender & meaty.

We always get the papardelle. It’s another winner.

And for 5 of us, we order two pizzas. One margherita & one sausage with burrata.

My dad LOVES the burrata on their pizza. He subs it for their regular mozzarella.

It melts in your mouth! It’s so good.

We don’t mess around.

Sometimes we go crazy and get arugula on top of our pizza.

It’s a good way to balance out the richness of the burrata & sausage.

And since we have a kid…we almost always treat him to dessert!

We get the Bomboloni Caldi (house-made DONUTS) They come with dipping sauces: chocolate, marscapone & raspberry.

Cooper thinks they’re absolutely fantastic.

Sometimes we get TWO orders of doughnuts…you know…to be on the safe side….

2175 Chestnut Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
  • Kate

    It looks and sounds amazing there – every single thing you ordered!

  • Jane M

    Wow what a great restaurant! YUUUM!

  • cindy

    it’s hard to not love burrata! It’s so dang good! this sounds like an excellent place, even though I don’t have kids yet, I love family friendly restaurants. this is going on my “to eat” list!

  • Amy Ulrich

    I love the photo of your parents hands cutting the pizza. Beautiful! Oh and the food looks amazing too.

  • Maria Tadic

    Mmmm that burrata looks yummy. It’s one of my favorite cheeses! I’d eat it on just about anything!

  • Candice

    The burrata looks heavenly… Oh, and Cooper is just the cutest kid ever. SO CUTE.

  • Jesse

    it’s 10:50 a.m. and i am now drooling over the menu for delarosa. #burrata4eva

  • Sandra

    Oh my goodness this place could kill me with deliciousness! Burrata, brussell sprouts? Get in my mouth!

  • Sarah

    This restaurant looks absolutely delicious!

  • Michelle

    Ugh, I keep meaning to go there and somehow it never works out. And I live in Russian Hill so I really have no excuse. Have you been to Gioia on Polk? Their burrata is AMAZING! Love that they have it year round but the supporting ingredients change seasonally. You. Must. Go.

  • Katie

    I live three blocks away from Delarosa, and totally agree that it’s exceptionally good. I highly recommend their house-made grapefruit soda. Also, the pizza carbonara that they offer for lunch is delicious!

  • Kahala

    I am sitting here in snowy Wisconsin and drooling all over myself. Thanks for sharing this information. A road trip could be planned for sunnier days!!!

  • mini-cake

    Thanks for posting this! I can’t wait till we move next week. It’s so warm compared to Vancouver Canada.

    BTW my daughter has the same batman shirt. She pairs it with red leggings with white polka dots. It’s like Minnie Mouse and Batman had a love child!

  • Krista

    Hi Tracy,

    I used to work at your Dad’s restaurant ventures in SM, starts with a C and a B&H.

    I have been reading your blog for a while now and never commented but my husband just saw your Dad at an Italian wine tasting in SF and was telling me how much he enjoyed running into him and catching up. I, of course cut him off and said ” Did you tell him I read/love Tracy’s blog?” Lol!

    I will be trying Delarosa soon, one of my sisters lives in the mission and when we come up from the Peninsula we are always looking for new kid friendly spots.

    • Kimberly

      KRISTA! TRACY! HEYYY! I do the same thing- I read Tracy’s blog all the time and once commented but seeing Krista’s comment I had to chime in again! And I am always on here too reading! I love your pictures Tracy! We should all meet at Delarosa one day 🙂

      • Tracy

        Kimberly & Krista!!! Thank you so much for reading my blog. That makes me SUPER happy. If you’re ever in the city or Marin let me know! I’d love to eat with you two. XOXOX

  • Bev

    Goodness, looks delicious! We have a trip planned to SF so will have to put that on our to-do list!

  • Sarah

    This is so perfect for me because I am new to the bay area and have two little ones! I’m totally pinning =)

  • dana828

    We’ll be in SF for the first time in April (39 days…I’m totally in count-down mode!), and looking to eat our way through the city. Adding this place to the list! Looks SO good!

  • Denisse

    This place looks fantastic! I visit SF regularly as I grew up in the bay area and my family is still there…I’m always looking for new places in the city for us to eat when I come to town, so we’ll have to check this place out next time. Thanks for the recommendation! The brussels sprouts look insane, and I can never pass up burrata when I see it on a menu. Aperto on 18th recently served burrata on grilled toast with persimmon marmalade, cippollini onions and microgreens. Amazing!

  • Jade Sheldon

    Putting this on my list for when I visit San Francisco…

  • Jayne

    I think my favourite part was seeing your parents hands cutting pizza, Cooper’s messy chocolate face and Casey (I assume it’s him) feeding him. Burrata sounds amazing! I would like to have it in everything I eat.

  • Lisa V

    Tracy, I love reading about your personal experiences at restaurants in the Bay Area. It is always a special treat for us to venture out from our mountain town to the Bay Area or SF, but we never know where to eat — so many options and so little parking! If you have any parking tips or could include $$ estimates in your reviews, it would help us immensely in our search for “worth the trip” eating experiences. Thanks so much!

  • Christopher Stewart

    Amazing post! Pics are incredible!

  • Photorecipe

    Hi, I loved that place, the food and the photos.


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