flashback: weekend!

It’s Tuesday…and all I can think of is the past weekend and the weekend coming up. We live for weekends don’t we? Weekends seem like the only time I am able to play in the kitchen and take photos at my own pace…and this weekend I did just that.

Started off with breakfast outside on the patio….

Here I am busy working in the kitchen while Casey snoozed:

the makings of breakfast

End result = eggs with chives & cheddar, toast with strawberry puree and coffee!

eggs, toast & coffee

Our plates were licked clean…


I did some gardening…

new planties

I bought a new doormat for the patio…

new doormat

A new fern for each bathroom (i love them!)

new fern in the bathroom

We fixed up our other deck and ate the Orange Strawberry popsicles I made on Friday to celebrate!

made our deck look nice

I stuck three cucumbers in the juicer and out came this lovely shade of green…

cucumber juice!

The cucumber pulp inspired me to make tzatziki…and then I ended up with this:

sunday's dinner

I made turkey meatballs without following a recipe…

turkey meatballs, greek salad etc.

And of course I had to use that cucumber juice so I made a delightful ginger-ale/cucumber/mint/lemon concoction…

cucumber, ginger ale, mint, lemon



-watched a few movies (La Vie En Rose, Into the Wild & Alpha Dog)

-Casey continued to work on painting our kitchen cabinets

-I started a sewing project that ended terribly 🙁

-Took a trip to Home Depot

-Daydreamed about my perfect kitchen…..

What are you doing this weekend?

  • wootowl

    mike and i like your elephant rug! good work on your plants- i can’t wait to visit your shower again!

    yatotip. xoxo!

    p.s. this weekend the only thing on my calendar is to watch “I KNOW MY KID’S A STAR” (i’ve saved them on the DVR) while drinking wine with lauren…

  • Dominique

    Had a grrreat week-end: finished sewing 5 tote bags, planted a few things, wrote an email to a dear friend, read a little, cleaned the house, got my bike back from the nice man who fixed it, bought a new scanner (still in the box though) and barbecue (already used it) and vacuumed the car’s trunk to get rid of our Xmas tree remnants!

  • jenifer

    do tell where that cutie elephant doormat came from. did you love into the wild? we did for sure. la vie en rose is on my list also…always, your food looks amazing 🙂

  • Jessica

    Everything looks fabulous, especially that bread and the elephant rug.

    This weekend my only hopes are to not eat out, maybe make it to the library, and get some cleaning done with what time I have left after my husband’s shows Friday and Saturday night. Oh and grocery shopping. 🙂

  • Melisser

    Mmm, Acme bread. Cute doormat!
    I’m headed up to Farm Sanctuary for a Hoe Down this weekend!

  • lucky

    don’t know how i ended up here, but i am LOVING your blog! and that ginger/ cuke/ mint/ lemon drink sounds SOOOOOOO good !!!!

  • Tracy

    Jenifer- Cost Plus! I thought that Into the Wild was gorgeous…and very thought provoking. I think you will LOVE the visuals on La Vie En Rose for sure!!!

    Dominique: Wow girl! Way to go!!!

    Jessica: Thank you! I love going to the library…Perhaps I’ll go this weekend!

    Melisser: I know how much you looooooove that stuff. MMMMM. Wish I didn’t scarf it all down!

    Lucky: Welcome! Thank you! Stop by again!

  • Caitlin

    ooo that cucumber lemonade ginger drink looks delicious! it makes me want to own a juicer. this weekend I’m going to jupiter for a week of beaching. love your blog!

  • Tracy

    caitlin- i thought that i would regret having one…i sooo DO NOT. It’s one of my favorite kitchen appliances. It is PERFECT for when I have a few leftover veggies & fruits…and don’t know what to do with them!

  • Priscilla

    Into The Wild is my favorite movie everrrrrrrrr!

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