January 21, 2008

Fries, Juice, Sushi, Geeks, Freaks & Chocolate

the weekend started off with a BANG!

Drinks & fries with friends on Friday:

My new juicer was waiting for me the second I got home on friday night! Of course I tried it the second busted it free of the box! Nothing like making Apple, Carrot, Ginger & Celery Juice. *mmmmm*

I woke up the Saturday morning and made this lovely concoction of cucumbers, beets, carrots & celery:

this morning's juice

juicing the carrots first

bloody good

We went out to Sushi with a group of people for my friend Becky’s birthday on Saturday night. Happy B-day BDogg!

Sunday we went and saw Freaks & Geeks Speak! (in the city).

freaks & geeks! speak!

Good times…Good times…

And then on the way home we went to Bittersweet Chocolate Cafe on Fillmore. I crave their hot chocolate like you wouldn’t BELIEVE!

bittersweet, san francisco

Here’s Casey’s Spicy Hot Chocolate (nice and thick with such a good kick!)

casey drank a spicy hot chocolate

I got a Chai hot chocolate with a homemade marshmallow on top:

home-made marshallows

And then we walked around briefly because it was SOOO cold.

The sky was gorgeous last night:

thank you

the sky was beautiful today in SF

and then I saw Ryan’s name. Hope you are doing well Ryan.

hi ryan

And today, it’s Monday. I didn’t have to work today. So I’ve been running errands and catching up on all the stuff I have to do.

Happy Monday!

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