March 3, 2008

i’m here- i swear

I’ve been hibernating from the computer the past few weeks (you might have noticed). I’m here now—I swear. Look for some treats soon. I’m gonna have something sweet share! I’m off to get some rest though…. See you soon!

missed you!

  • velly

    bean! you’re drinking that fancy bean juice again. it’s effing hot.

  • H

    what coffee machine do you use? everytime i read ur blog, i am envious.

  • Tracy

    velly- im an addict. but you know this.

    H: this is not my doing… this is from a cafe in Vancouver. It’s a cappuccino with latte art! pretty huh? Very tasty. Maybe there’s a local shop that takes pride in coffee that you can be obsessed with. For home use I use a french press…which doesn’t produce this beautiful cup. But it sure is tasty!

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