March 2, 2012

I love lists, Friday!

  1. Shedding Winter Skin. I’m doing it. Are you?
  2. Super impressed with this site! It’s so good lookin’
  3. I think I might like this show
  4. 13 Cheeses Everyone Should Know About!
  5. Ummm Banana Bread FRENCH TOAST. Ahhh yeahs.
  6. Oscars Best & Worst Dressed according the most experty experts ever!
  7. If I ever decided to run a marathon, I’m pretty sure my training would look like this.
  8. Just another reason to love Ira Glass.Thanks, Victoria!
  9. Let’s Toast to Toast! You’re speaking my language.
  10. Sue does AMAZING work. I wish this was mine.
  11. Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie Sandwiches. YES PLEASE!
  12. How excited are you for Mad Men Season 5 to come out?!
  13. HELLO dream office!
  14. Guilty Pleasure #452 Watching makeup tutorials!
  15. I can’t resist videos like this. What does that say about me?

On this week’s Joy the Baker podcast, we talk about Joy’s BOOK BABY! I get the skinny on Joy’s first book signing. Nosy questions were asked! And we discuss what we’d do with an extra day in the month.

It’s Progress Report time on High Straightenence! You can see how I’m maintaining my organized projects.

Now we have a winner of the Joy the Baker Cookbook:

Congrats! BAILEY!!!

I’ll be contacting you shortly! Hope you don’t mind if me & Joy sign your cookbook 🙂

  • Brenda

    Hi Tracy,

    I can’t remember how I came to your website, (was just clicking around the internet) but since I have discovered you I come along every day to check if you post something new.
    I Looooove your website! Your lists, tips around the kitchen/house, very very delicious recipies (I will try a couple soon!) and super beautifull photos! Everyone can see that you have so much fun making them (and the food) and that you put a lot of time in it.

    Last week I finally started a weblog myself. (wanted for soo long!) So it is like a baby-weblog (in Dutch) with only 1 recipe on it, but it will grow as the weeks come.
    Impatient as I am, I want to fill the website as quickly as possible with delicious recipes. But I guess I don’t have the time to spend all day in the kitchen (wish I had!!)..

    Ofcourse I keep following shutterbean! And I have a lot to catch up! There are so many posts, tips en recipes that I have to read!

    (From Holland)

  • Jane M

    Oh I have to say this FRIDAY LIST is the best so far in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!! That Oscar recap blog was hysterical! Those home offices = dreamy! Well I could go on and on! T.G.I.F.! So so great!

  • Jane M

    Oh and PS -that new HBO show GIRLS coming in April – I.CAN’T.WAIT.! This is so RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jo

    Thanks so much for including August Empress in your post! TGIF! Have a great weekend 🙂

  • Mom101

    My children say, “thank you!”

  • Ashley

    Look at that cutie at the top!! LOVE! The office link you posted is awesome. Pretty sure I need that hot pink + white chair and must go back to IKEA for those dry erase-glass boards. The Katie’s Pencil Box site is gorgeous!

  • Maria

    Love that photo! Such a cutie! Thanks for loving my PB Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies-they are easy to love, I promise:) Happy Friday!

  • Carissa

    I learn something new every time I read your I love lists, Friday! post. I love #1 – her pics, the natural cleaner, the citrus. Thanks for sharing your weekly nuggets of fun.

  • ileana

    Oh, I can not wait for Mad Men! And those experty experts were so cute.

  • Heather

    First of all, that show ‘Girls’ looks really good, and second, I am so freakin pumped for Mad Men.

  • Venessa

    Oh wow. That running thing? Yeah that was totally me last year but instead of a half marathon I signed up for a triathlon. I realized halfway through training that it was sort of insane. Then after finishing the race faster that I expected to, I dumbly signed up for a second one a month later, then promptly sprained my ankle but did the race anyway. And I signed up for another one this year. I blame it all on my lack of brainpower since becoming a mom.

    And also, I love toast. That is all.

    • Tracy

      That toast is awesome! And oh boy…I have never “gone on a run” before. I totally just admitted that!

  • Stefania Avalos

    Bailey, you’re a lucky one!!

  • Kristen

    I have seemed to time my move back to the U.S. perfectly with Mad Med Season 5. Success!

    My Spanish evenings used to include back to back episodes. Seasons 1-4. In an embarrassingly short amount of time.

    • Tracy

      I love a good tv show binge! I’m jealous of people who get to watch it for the first time!

  • Lindsay

    That show looks really fun, actually. The girl reminds me of myself in some ways. I think I might need to invest in HBO.

  • Lindsay

    Also if I ever get married, that crown is MINE.

  • Ashley


  • Jessica @ How Sweet

    thank you for sharing my BB french toast! and please teach me how to do that cool picture thing. even though i’m too dumb to even install a plugin.

  • Kate @ eatrecyclerepeat

    I loved 1, 7, and 15. And that picture of Cooper is just too presh. Do you ever call him Coop? Sorry that was totally random. And before I clicked on the link for #11, I was trying to figure out how one person would put oatmeal into a sandwich. It sounds weird but personally I’d go for it. Then I clicked and realized it was cookies. Whoops. Crazy brain.

  • Amanda Genther @ Simple Street

    Thanks for including me in your roundup! Loving your blog!

  • Tiffanie

    Hi Tracy!

    On an “August Empress” (very nice) link list post, I found “Griottes”. HOLY WOW!!!!!!!! So beautiful, so creative.

    Yes, I am excited about Mad Men, and I’ve been seeing all you ladies get crazy about Breaking Bad on Twitter. Me and my hubs ate that one up as well, I’m so fascinated by the falling apart of Walt’s morality through the whole thing. And I recently saw the preview for Girls and am really curious about it. Looks good.

    p.s. I just cast my vote in The Homies finals for you. Good luck, you do beautiful work!


  • Eva {Not your mama's dinner}

    I’m seriously thinking about a feature called: the favorite lists list. You would be at the starter, the middle and the end.
    On a completely different note: can’t wait for mad men. Already digging the campaign. Can’t go wrong.

  • Bailey W.

    hahahaha I freaked out for a second when I saw the name “Bailey” had won the Joy the Baker Cookbook. But then…yeah…it wasn’t me. Oh well. Still love you and Joy!! =]

  • Clara

    Ooooh I have to watch that new show in HBO! And I loved the video by Ira Glass. And the podcast this week! You make my life better :).

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