September 27, 2009

get me a bloody mary, STAT

the last round

to be devoured

Today’s the day after the BlogHer Meetup and I’m exhausted!  I have soo many wonderful things to report but currently my brain is mush.  Too many spirits mixed with an abundance of laughter, sensory overload,  amazing talent & inspiration…I don’t think I can process it all!

I have a lot of new ideas/goals/projects twirling in my head and I’m super stoked about that.

Thank you to the ladies who made the day special!  Marcelo done hooked us up!

Oh! And in other news, I am finally on twitter!

Now let’s have some fun!

  • Lindsey

    I am excited that you are on Twitter now! See you there!

  • regan

    Silverfox forever!

  • whitney

    Viva la silver fox!

  • ReNi

    Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to leave regards from germany.
    – I love your decorating style. Hope to see&read more you soon 😉
    (And – although a tad late – congratulations to your baby boy.)

  • Stacy

    can’t wait to see all your new ideas come to life!

  • Tracy

    viva la silver fox INDEED!

    @ReNi- thank you for stopping by!! welcome! Let me get you a nice drink….

    @Stacy- thank you! We will see how motivated I can get!

  • joy the baker

    i could go for a silver fox right about now…. i’m just sayin’.

  • Dana

    Again, so bummed that I missed meeting you. I think I am still hungover from Saturday night. Too many late nights and too many cocktails, but so much fun!

  • megan

    It was delightful to meet you (finally) and even better to get to hang out. I’m so glad that we will forever after share a knowledge of all the finer points that go into The Silver Fox cocktail!

  • Mindy Harris

    Likin’ the blog. Rad pics.

  • Sophie

    I think that you have a cool foodblog & your pictures are always GRAND!! Cheers!

  • Tracy

    @Joy- me too…ME TOO.

    @dana- I am not yet fully recovered! and yes…soo bummed I didn’t meet you. Next time! NEXT TIME!

    mindy and sophie- welcome! and thank you! that makes me week!

  • laura

    Wow I feel like mush brain too! So much stuff to think about and then
    I get asked what did you learn and I look at people and say “uhhhhhhhhhhhh well…” It’s
    hard to put it to words. It was a blast and I enjoyed it so much.
    Laura-the Queen of All

    • Tracy

      Laura- INDEED! Still not quite myself…soo much to think of this week! And on top of all that blog daydreaming, I am planning a 1 year old bday party. Life is bizzy!

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