November 30, 2009

Give the gift of Treats!

Let’s face it, this year giving presents will be a bit tough with the economy in the crapper. What better excuse to get into our kitchens and make stuff?!! It’s fun, rewarding and it’s a great way to show people that you care!!

I also find that baking late at night with a cocktail is VERY therapeutic. Agreed?

So I’ve compiled a little mash up of ideas for you!

If you want to treat your friends & family to some amazing candy, make:

Crispy Crunchy Peppermint Bark

Homemade Truffles

Matzo Toffee Brittle

Fleur De Sel Caramels

If you are a cookie lover, make:

Chewy Molasses Cookies

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies

Fig Crumble Bars

Easy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

If you want relieve people’s sweet tooths and make something savory-

Spicy Maple Glazed Walnuts

Gonzo Garbanzos!

And if you have hosting duties, surprise your guests in the morning with:

Apple Turnovers

Easy Sticky Buns

Light & Crispy Granola!! Would be great packaged up too!

I will probably be making my peppermint bark & the spicy maple walnuts this year! They are always a hit!

But I’m always looking for something else to wow people with. Let’s brainstorm, shall we?? What do you love to make?

Got any recipes for me?

  • Casey

    My favorites were:
    Fleur De Sel Caramels,
    Chewy Molasses Cookies
    and Spicy Maple Glazed Walnuts

  • jenny

    totally jumping up and down for the caramels. anyone should be so lucky to be the recipient of those bad boys.

    matty just perfected brownies (recipe from his mama) last week, i will see if i can get it from him to share 🙂

    also, last year i made those maple glazed nuts and gave them as gifts… TOTALLY couldn’t stop eating them. dangerous to keep around…

    i wanna try out that peppermint bark!

  • Rebecca

    Those treats all look so good, I’d be happy to get any of them. I’ll be making spiced cider caramels, coffee walnut toffee, dark and light peppermint bark and spiced marshmallows. Gosh,looking at it now it seems like a long list, perhaps I should get started!

  • Hannah

    So many ideas! I think I’m going to try the caramels!

  • alex*strawberrylemonade

    Mmmm, I’m with Jenny….Fleur de Sel caramels??? YUM! I also like peppermint bark. These all look amazing.
    I love baking for the holidays. We just put up our lights (i’m kind of a stickler for waiting til December, but then I’m ALLLL ready to dive in to the spirit of the occasion!).

    I’m loving you posting “Idea” recipes! Thanksgiving was awesome….your brussel sprouts were a HUGE hit!!

  • shay

    I have made the Fleur de Sal carmels and they were amazing!! I topped mine with chocolate and then the salt and then proceeded to eat half the pan!!

    Can’t wait to try out the spicy maple glazed walnuts!

    Thanks for all of the ideas!

  • michella

    wow to the caramels, I need to make those. I love making sweet-spicy nuts and these green pumpkinseed and cranberry crispy bars for holidays

    was thinking of doing the peppermint bark and those caramels are calling my name.

  • Cousin Jen

    Thanks for the “Coop Card” Avery loves looking at the pictures of her cousin….

    HUgs and Kisses to you all.

  • briana

    Hello there! I am a super fan of your site. Thank you for all the inspiring recipes and photos. I especially loved this post and got so many great holiday baking ideas from it. I linked to this post on my blog, I hope that’s OK. (I am pretty new to the blog world and not sure yet of all the etiquette. ??) I hope you have a great holiday and happy treat making!

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