Found: At work!

found: in my dad's drawer at work

Today I was searching for a pair of headphones at work and found this in a drawer. Baker’s Chocolate. UNSWEETENED. 4 WHOLE packages. WHAT?! I should mention that I work with my Dad and this is HIS drawer. If you’ve had Baker’s chocolate, you’ll know it doesn’t taste good. It’s not for eating. IT’S FOR BAKING!  My brothers tricked me into eating a chunk when I was a kid and I’ve tried to avoid the stuff since. Seems that my dad eats a chunk every single morning. He says, “It helps lower my cholesterol and has a lot of fiber too!” I think it’s pretty gross, but now I know where I get my food hoarding problem from. I also know why he has chocolate breath when we are going over spreadsheets together. Thanks, DAD.

BTW, it’s in the top drawer if you ever need to steal some chocolate for baking.

  • Stacy

    WOW! Thanks for the good laugh! I’m with you, to bitter even for this dark chocolate nut.

  • A Fine Balance

    HAHAHA that’s hilarious! Parents can be a little crazy…my father is no exception : )

  • Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

    Oh no, that’s too funny. By the way I love that he says he’s eating it for the health benefits! I’m thinking there might be other ways to lower your cholesterol. 🙂

  • Jessica

    haha!! Wow. I have to confess that I have eaten Baker’s chocolate on a few desperate occasions, but NOT the unsweetened. He should at least go for the bittersweet!

  • kathy

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  • betty

    I remember nibbling on baker’s chocolate when I was little because it was the only “junk food” in the house. thank goodness for growing up!

  • Jess

    i remember begging my mother to let me try baker’s chocolate and vanilla when i was little. both tasted horrid of course, and it amazed me that they were so important to delicious cookies:)

  • Marci

    Interestingly enough I was in the bookstore over the weekend and picked up a book on the Bakers Chocolate Factory. It included some incredibly old and fun photos, old ads, cookbooks and packaging. Anyway, one of the tidbits I read is that a poor Irishman had this amazing knowledge of how to make European chocolate, but had no money. Lucky for us he bumped into Dr. Baker who had money to partner with the Irishman and lived nearby river where they used water power for their chocolate mill. Fascinating!

  • Anna

    That’s priceless! Baker’s Chocolate is the last thing I would want to snack on but I suppose it does have its health benefits and would keep me from eating a whole bar at once.
    That great too that you get to work with your dad. I imagine those chocolate-breath morning meetings are good times.

  • Bruna

    Well well… you can tell him that Oat Bran also “helps lower cholesterol and has a lot of fiber too!” and it’s very good with yoghourt! It certainly tastes better than baker’s chocolate!!!

  • Kathy - Panini Happy

    That is absolutely hilarious!!

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