31 comes before 32 RESULTS!

This is the part where I tell you that I didn’t finish my list! But it’s my birthday today and I’m hoping you can forgive me? To be honest with you, I’m not really upset that I didn’t finish. I’m actually quite proud of what I’ve accomplished in the past year! You’ll see links to all the things I completed in my 31st year of life below mixed with a few things I haven’t finished…

  1. Share an an actual picture of myself on my website.
  2. Make donuts from scratch.
  3. Go to the French Laundry (again!)
  4. Take a class to improve my knife skills.
  5. Have a nacho party!
  6. Make my own pizza (and not fail!)
  7. Go to a farm.
  8. Make cream puffs for my mom. (She LOVES profiteroles!)
  9. Make cinnamon rolls from scratch.
  10. Clean out/organize my kitchen (FOR REAL!)
  11. Go on a dishcrawl!
  12. Try a dish with capers and like it!
  13. Get my drink on with Joy.
  14. Do a cleanse.
  15. Make my own soft pretzels.
  16. Learn how to do canning!
  17. Make french fries from scratch.
  18. Hang some of my food photos in my kitchen.
  19. Cook something with my husband.
  20. Host a fondue party!
  21. Have a cookbook party where we all cook from one cookbook!
  22. Make some killer hot wings for my husband.
  23. Make creme brulee!
  24. Go on a food adventure in Portland, Oregon.
  25. Make my own cheese from scratch.
  26. Learn a recipe from my grandma.
  27. Make pasta from scratch. (maybe with my grandma?)
  28. Learn how to do latte art!
  29. Grow some lettuce.
  30. Try to sell some photos online. (etsy maybe?)
  31. Meet as many of my online friends as possible!

I’m going to be kind and give myself til the end of the year to complete the items I haven’t finished. I don’t think hosting a fondue party in August would be a wise idea. Damn you, timing! I didn’t get you right! I have ingredients for hot wings in my fridge right now and I’m planning on doing some kitchen purging/organizing soon! We’re planning on having a garage sale so that will have to coincide with that. I’ve also done some research on Etsy and I’m close to opening up a shop; I just need to pick out pictures to print! I bought a new clock for our kitchen a few months ago and put it in the place where I would have put my food photos! I guess that means I must find another place for them in my house…Dishcrawl…need to figure that out. I’m not sure if I even like the idea of going to separate places for each course. Can’t all my food just come to me? Cookbook party? I know who I need to invite! Ahem…Whitney, Kasey, Megan, Cheryl, Denise, Allison & Danielle. What cookbook do we all have? Meet as many of my online friends as possible? I’ve met A LOT and I hope to share all of my friends in a post for you soon.

Right now I’m going to dive into a chocolate cupcake & watch Project Runway. It’s my birthday after all.

  • Dede

    Happy Birthday Tracy! I am totally impressed with all that you did before your b-day, you inspire me every week with your blog and podcast with Joy, thank you so much for sharing. Wishing you a wonderful birthday!

  • andrea

    happy birthday, sweet friend! I am so glad you’re in this world. I really really am. I’m so glad to know you. and well, you know I love a good list and this one is a humdinger. happy happy to you!


  • Alix

    happy birthday pretty lady!!!
    how amazing you have completed so much on that list!!!

    i’m adding “get your drink on with Alix”…..


  • Jessica Ann

    Kitchen organizing is a never ending task. In some ways it is more depressing if you get it all sorted then it reverts back to how it is. More depressing than if you just leave it. Progress not perfection.
    Happy birthday!

  • Jea

    A very happy birthday to you, and congratulations on all you have accomplished!
    Oh my gosh, has it already been a year?! That means I’ve been following and adoring your posts and recipes for well over a year now. And I’m still loving them! Time has really flown!
    Thank you for all your posts, and I hope you have a fantastic 32nd year!

  • Irma

    Happy Birthay Tracy!!!! Well done you!

  • Emily

    Happy birthday! I hope you have a swell day 🙂 Congrats on almost finishing the list, you did an excellent job.

  • Petra

    Happy birthday, dear Tracy! 🙂 Petra

  • Johanna


  • ursula

    Happy birthday! What a great year you’ve had!

  • sherri lynn

    This was a great list! And you accomplished so much of it – I’m impressed! Can’t wait to see your prints up on etsy!

  • Robyn

    HBD tracy! what was your favourite item to check off your list?

  • Lana

    You rocked the list. As for the dishcrawl – they work if you sign up for one in an area that you’ve never been to before. It helps to bring a friend because you never know how chatty your group will be. Whatever you do, avoid sitting with the 20-somethings. They will text on their phones instead of talking. Weird. It’s official, I am old.

  • erin

    happy happy birthday! i’m quite impressed by the number of things crossed off your list – you’re an inspiration! thank you for making the interwebs & life a bit brighter! enjoy your day. xo.

  • jenny

    happy birthday, tracy! I discovered your blog too late to catch on and do my own 31 before 32 list (my birthday is in october), but I’ve absolutely LOVED following yours! your joy, enthusiasm, and great taste have been such a welcome spot of sunshine in my life. can’t wait to see where the next year takes you!

  • Deborah

    Just wanted to say on your birthday that I love love love your blog! I think you got an amazing amount done from that list, and you should be proud!

    Enjoy your birthday!!!

  • marci

    Hi Tracy – I am wishing you a fabulous birthday and great year ahead!! You accomplished ALOT and should be extremely proud of yourself. Thank you for your generosity in sharing so much with your readers. I can’t wait for your Etsy shop. I caught “Runway” last night and thought it was a good episode. Hope you enjoyed your cupcake! Best, Marci

  • rachel

    So cool of you to share all this with us-very inspiring! I hope you got out of it what you were looking for! And I hope you have a wonderful birthday with your family and feel great on this day! Thanks Tracy!

  • Kim

    Happy Birthday!!!! Thank you for being you and for sharing so much cool stuff with us! You rock!! I still need to send you that hot wing recipe to share with your husband.

  • Gemma

    Happy Birthday! I’ve been planning a 32 before 33 list and seeing this post has convinced me its time to get on with all those little things I’ve been wanting to do and have been putting off. Have a great day.

  • Dottie

    That list is so impressive and powerful. I’m so impressed by your drive and passion.

    Here’s to another amazing year full of wonderful surprises and lots of love!


    – Dottie

    PS: And drinks too!

  • stef

    love this list – so awesome! happy birthday friend and hope we get to see you again sooner than later 🙂 fondue party at the Teahouse (hint hint:)

  • Lauren

    Happy Birthday my dear. Great job on the list- I guess I should have done that this year, as my countdown to 40 is fast approaching!

  • Danielle

    Happy birthday again sweet lady! As I read through the list, I thought to myself that #21 totally needs to happen – happy to see that we’re on the same page 🙂 Can’t wait to check out your Etsy shop!!

  • Danielle

    Happy birthday again, lady! You should give yourself a good pat on the back for all the stuff you managed to accomplish. 🙂

  • cheryl

    My RSVP for the Cookbook Party: Yes. I am free that day.

  • Lisa

    Happy Birthday and best of luck with the rest of your list! You’ve accomplished quite a lot already! ; )

  • heather @ chiknpastry

    happy 31. i turned 31 in april – it’s a’ight so far :).

    i was confused at first thinking the “dishcrawl” meant you wanted to go to different stores and buy dishes from each one, and i was wondering why that was on your list. dishes with FOOD on them is much more appealing! (although there is a dish store near my house in NoPa I want to hit up!)

    i have to get better about meeting blogging friends too, but i did meet one after moving to SF, so there’s that!

  • Julie

    Happy Birthday and congrats on the list. Looks like you did some fun stuff. BTW, I’m enjoying your podcast!

  • Chez Us

    Happy Birthday Sweets!!!! Let’s have that cookbook party PRONTO!! I love your list idea. I am going to do one when I turn 45 next year – OMG – did I just say 45! Thought I would do a “fifty things to do before I am 50”. SHIT!! Did I just say 50!!

    Want to have some bubbles with you to celebrate you itching closer to the 40 club! xoxo


  • Jen of My Tiny Oven

    Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day!! Love your site and I love listening to you on the Joy the Baker podcasts. You are so funny! I listen while I am walking to and from work and I find myself laughing out loud, often! So thank you!!!

  • Blanka

    Amazing plan!
    In fact I like many of the things you have “in plan”
    I love profiterols! Absolutely perfect and amazing food.
    I love eating them as well as preparing them.
    I love homemade pizza, I think it’s so relaxing to bake pizza, it always brings warm and home atmosphere and I feel really good baking it.
    I love cooking with my boyfriend as he really likes cooking. He has amazing fantasy and everything he cooks is really delicious.
    I want to try homemade pasta as well. I love pasta dishes and homemade pasta as something like a dream.
    Good luck!

  • Tort[e]s

    Happy belated birthday! I stumbled on your site a while ago and immediately became a fan. Your recipes and photos are so inspiring!

  • Ashleigh

    Happy birthday! You have inspired me to write my own list. It will probably include exercise and sewing.

  • Jessica

    Happy Birthday, Tracy!!! Your list inspired me to make my own in February, but I’ve only crossed two things off so far…yikes! Forget about the ones you didn’t do, you killed that list. Also, if you’re going to Foodbuzz again in November, I might be able to help with #31! (I rsvp’d, but one of my best friends turns 30 that weekend…) Anyway, hope you had a great birthday!

  • Katya

    Happy belated Birthday! Hope you enjoyed that cupcake thoroughly! Although I would need a few of those.. It is a birthday, after all. Also, that is one impressive list! Quite an accomplishment, even if not all were completed!

  • Lauren | Myers Maison

    Happy belated bday! You’ve definitely completed a lot from your list, great job 🙂

  • Kim

    Shish kabob!! You should be proud of your accomplishments! It’s a good week if I make it to the grocery store and I don’t have as much going on as you do. I’m excited to meet you at the retreat thing. Oh, I don’t like capers either, they remind me of olives and I don’t like olives.

  • Julie @BananasforBourbon

    Happy belated birthday! A chocolate cupcake and project runway sound like the makings of a fun evening to me. 😀 I can’t believe you completed so much of that list! It’s fun to see your posts over the last year all culminated together in a list. It makes you look so accomplished and me feel so…lazy? Hehe. Congratulations on being awesome!

  • whitney

    Happy Birthday! You totally rocked that list! Do we all have Mad Hungry? Or Super Natural Everyday? I’m not against buying a new cookbook for this project. 🙂

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