hand printing

Ever since Cooper was born I’ve wanted to do that cliche handprint thing…You know- putting his hand in clay so I can look at it one day and see how small his lil fingers were. I’ve been MEANING to get around to it- I even have a kit!

But life just gets in the way. I think of how much he moves his fingers and hands and cringe. Man, that would make such a mess. I’ll do it one day…

Then it dawned on me….. I already have his hand prints somewhere!! On our mirror!

Every morning we all hang out in bed and he climbs up to the mirror and slaps his lil (big) mitts on it. Every time I look at those prints my heart melts. I don’t need one of those hand print kits to make me happy. I just need to look at this picture and remember our current morning ritual. He stands up on our headboard, looks at himself in the mirror and then at us. The smiles begin. And he’s soo proud that it shows.

The old childless me would have immediately wiped the mirror clean every day. But now I leave those prints up for weeks….

It’s the little things that fill me up with soo much hope and love. I am so glad he is in our life.

  • Dana

    I got tears in my eyes as soon as I saw this photo. It is priceless.

  • Laura.

    oh, so sweet! freckle sent me and i have to tell you, i am staying! everything on here looks incredibly tasty and doable and your voice is so real and friendly. yay!

  • Lana

    Soooo cute. And I tried to do handprints and it was a huge failure. How do you tell a baby not to clench, squeeze and flap a hand that is covered in ink?? HOW? Feet were much easier.

  • Tracy

    Thank you ladies!

    Dana- It makes me kinda teary reading it. I’ve turned soo sentimental after having a baby. There’s no going back! I think I am going to start posting more posts like these- so I have them for my baby & for me to look back at one day.

    Laura- THANK YOU for stopping by! So glad you could join us! I seem to type a lot with exclamation points (which would account for my friendly voice)- but i think it’s cuz the internet just makes me happy. 😉

    Lana- We only have 1 footprint (from the day he was born). I’m afraid of ink and what it will do to my house! eeek. MESSY.

  • Allyson

    I’m not a momma, but I’d try the ink or plaster while the little tyke is sleeping (if you could co it without ruining a nap that is!)

    • Tracy

      Allyson- that would be great! but i know better than to mess with a sleeping baby! it’s sooo tempting!

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