June 30, 2017


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com

Welcome to I LOVE LISTS. Let’s surf the internet together:

  1. Before the internet….SIGH.
  2. Ways you can use witch hazel. 
  3. If only my printer wasn’t a jerk. I’d totally make some of these.
  4. Is that who Banksy is?
  5. Best iPhone photos of 2017
  6. These chicken burgers look so dang good.
  7. Katie creates a beautiful world. 
  8. In between is when everything happens.
  9. Google makes alllllllll the money.
  10. Why Kim is still famous…
  11. Whoa. Look at this breakfast bagel sando. IT IS THE SIZE OF A CAR TIRE.
  12. Famous people who are book hoarders (this pleases me)
  13. Some truth behind Thelma & Louise
  14. Two words: s’mores bars
  15. This made me LOL.
  16. I am a xennial 
  17. This looks like fun to make – leather statement necklace
  18. I almost put doing a handstand on my Summer Bucket List
  19. Turn your to do list into a TO DO calender
  20. Omg cheetahs need support dogs
  21. I love the internet sometimes
  22. If you think you’re not good at adulting….
  23. If you need a reminder that this world is big and full of amazing things


have a great weekend!

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