it’s march!

i can't believe it's already march!

I can’t believe it’s March! That means spring is almost here! We’ve been experiencing white/gray skies here mixed with TONS of rain. I can see all the budding leaves ready to pop from the trees soon. It’s so funny how it all happens in a day!

today it's raining. we are staying in.

This past weekend I had a visit from my bff. Soo good Soo good. It was really nice going for a long walk and having girl time. It’s amazing how much of my days are spent doing baby talk…It feels good speaking like a grown up again!

We went to Herbivore in San Francisco (Valencia location). Super Super good.


We got a vegan glazed donut

vegan glazed donut

I ordered Apple, Carrot, Ginger juice

carrot apple ginger juice

I had a char-grilled veggie sandwich with pesto



char-broiled veggie sandwich with pesto on french bread!

Today we are hanging out. Missing woot. Even the cats are beside themselves.

pinot misses woot

It was a very good weekend. Hopefully we will see some bits of sunshine this week. Happy Monday, internet!

  • regan

    How was the vegan donut?

  • Melisser

    Awww, fun! I’m not a fan of Herbivore myself, although I’ve heard the sandwiches can be good.

    • Tracy

      our friend ordered the mac & cheese and was not very happy! the sandwiches are def the way to go! and the donuts too! although…you may be the authority on that! I’ve never tasted one of yours!

  • Amanda

    WOW, that sandwich blew me away! Looks like a VERY satisfying lunch for sure!

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