i’ve been….

obsessed with eating Greek salads.
Chop Chop Chop & Grill some pita and I’m soo there.

fave salad EVAR

There was seriously a week last month where I ate Greek Salad at least 6 times. No lie.

i seriously cannot resist greek salad

I made a Black Bean soup (like I’d been craving) for Cinco De Mayo. It was fantastic!

black bean soup!

happy cinco de mayo

I even made my own little tortilla strips!

making little chippies

Problem is–I started writing down the recipe as I was going and then I started adding soo much other stuff to get the taste & thickness right– that I forgot what happened!
Next time I make it, I’ll remember to be more diligent!

I’ve also been working a lot in the backyard lately…tending to my veggie garden!

tomatoes day 24

I never thought I would get soo excited about gardening!
It’s a healthy obsession! There’s soo much more I want to plant and I am really looking forward to this summer now!

merging the others

It’s especially fun now that I have a little helper. He loves the cool breezes and all the green!


Cooper is 7 months old already. He has 4 teeth and crawls!

And this weekend I am celebrating my first Mother’s Day!

I have to say that things are pretty good these days!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommas!


  • shokoofeh

    Happy first Mother’s Day!
    your Cooper is so so cute! 🙂
    and your dishes … emmmm so yummy!

    this is the perfect life to me! this is what I want to be. or to have! 🙂
    Good luck with all the happiness you make everyday 🙂


  • Dana

    I could eat a salad like that everyday too! It looks perfect and I especially love the grilled pita. Cooper is gorgeous. I love when they only have 4 teeth, it’s beyond cute. If he is crawling at 7 months, you are in for a busy boy! (I have two busy boys.)

  • Jessica

    Oh boy, I hope you remember that soup recipe- it looks so good! Happy first Mother’s Day and where did you get your big vegetable garden container?

  • jenifer

    happy first mother’s day lady! love that garden and am sooo jealous!

  • lynda

    awww, he is beautiful! gorgeous eyes! happy mother’s day!

  • Cousin Jen

    Happy first mothers day… I have to say Cooper remind sme of his daddy, when Casey was younger…

  • Stiffler

    Happy Mother’s Day!
    Enjoy your special day.

  • Anali

    Happy Mother’s Day! : ) I love your garden!

  • Huma

    Hi there, I am wondering what is that tub thing in which you are growing your veggies? Nice blog by the way.

  • daisy mae

    Just wait until he stuffs the dirt, sticks and pebbles he finds in his mouth! And plucks the leaves and flowers off the plants. Those go in the mouth as well. The fun has just begun! (Mine was born last May so we are a couple months ahead of you).

  • Jennifer

    mm! the picture of your greek salad has made me crave greek salads now! Just out of curiousity, what brand of greek dressing do you use?

    • Tracy

      Jennifer- I actually make my own. I put red wine vinegar, olive oil, sumac, dried oregano in a jar and shake it about!

  • Jennifer

    really? I’m gonna have to try that! thanks so much 🙂

  • Becky and the Beanstock

    Your garden is fascinating — what’s the big, oblong galvanized tub you’re planting in? What a creative idea! I also really love the photos, and wish you could tell us what went into the Greek salad because it’s making me hungry and I just ate!

    • Tracy

      Becky- we bought the galvanized steel trough at a horsefeed store. In the salad- i normally put tomato, red onion, cucumber, feta- with romaine lettuce. I make a dressing that has sumac (a yummy/exotic spice), red wine vinegar & olive oil. Hope this helps!

  • vanessa

    oh man, cooper is a doll. I think our little guys are close to the same age. mr. O is 10 1/2 months…
    aren’t they the best thing?

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