overindulge much?

let’s take a little peak of my weekend of overindulging, shall we?

it started off with Dynamo Donuts in SF….

just a little sample

chocolate spice & chocolate star anise

lemon pistachio

digging in

Maple Bacon, Lemon Pistachio, Orange Ginger, Chocolate Star Anise & Chocolate Spice

They were delightful!

There was a huge shrimp burrito that KILLED me…but I didn’t take a photo, therefore it never really happened 😉

I concocted a FAB fizzy mocktail of Mango Passion fruit juice (from Trader Joe’s) with some Seltzer & added few raspberries for color:

mango passionfruit with seltzer & raspberries

Then I had dinner at my house with my family:

For starters Lemon Mushroom Thyme Bruschetta with Goat Cheese topped with Aged Balsamic:

this is mine. thank you.

mushroom bruschetta

Add to that some wine & a cheese platter….

appetizing appetizers

Here’s dinner- Steak, Zucchini Couscous & a Mixed Green Salad

dinnnner with family

And to cap it off, I made Icebox Cake Cupcakes:

(a MUCH smaller version of this)

I'll eat you my prettie

all lined up

hello little ones

The best part of it all….was that we were able to eat outside on the patio!

my area

sooo many more weekends of overindulging to come!

  • Lisa W.

    The orange ginger donut looks really yummy.

  • Anali

    Wow!!! Could those cupcakes be any cuter? ; )

  • heather

    Divine. The supper gets me – the mushroom bruschetta, the cheese plate, the zucchini couscous with steak!



  • Su-Lin

    Those cupcakes are so adorable! And I like the smaller serving size…we’re only two in this household so a whole cake is way too much!

  • Cousin Jen

    Bacon donuts?? Really???

  • Mary Lou

    Can you share your recipe for the Lemon Mushroom Thyme Bruschetta, please?

  • Tracy

    the donuts were scrumptious! my brother and husband LOVED the bacon maple. It tastes just like breakfast!

    Su-lin- totally! although I could have totally eaten another one 😉

    Mary Lou- I didn’t follow a recipe- I improvised but this is what I did:

    I took about 16oz of sliced mushrooms and sauteed them in olive oil & garlic on high heat. I then added lemon zest & thyme and stirred it in. I added some balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper and reduced it. It made the mushrooms really caramelized. Set aside.

    I cut up slices of bread and put olive oil on each side. Grilled them on the grill- and when they were done, I rubbed a clove of garlic on one side. I spread goat cheese on top of each slice and topped with the mushroom mixture. Then I topped each bruschetta with some more aged balsamic vinegar.

  • IDA

    OH my GOD! Everything looks SO delicious!!

  • Mary Lou

    Thank you, Tracy. I will be making that soon!

  • eve

    i’m curious about the cupcakes. were they easy to eat and did they taste as good as the original cake you made? and did you let the cupcakes sit overnight in the fridge? i’m going to a dinner party and am torn between making the cake or the cupcakes…thanks!

    • Tracy


      they tasted great. It’s like having a scoop of cookies & cream ice cream but with tons more cookie (which is my favorite part anyway). I prepared them the night before. If you are short on time, these are a snap! The only thing is that you have to do them the night ahead. So as long as you have that 15 minute chunk of time, you are all set! Good luck! Let me know if you tried them!

  • codfish

    Oh, you’re killing me. I just finished a very healthy tuna salad on grainy bread for lunch.. but I want a doughnut.

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