December 22, 2017


Welcome to I LOVE LISTS! It’s Friday. Here’s a list for you:

  1. Christmas morning would be better with these.
  2. Life changing habits for 2018
  3. What a beautiful kitchen remodel!
  4. Funny kid letters to Santa
  5. Tiny worlds, big imagination
  6. The word of 2017: Youthquake (lord help us)
  7. Most expensive photographs sold at auction in 2017
  8. This church in Copenhagen is something else!
  9. How to organize your day to set you up for success.
  10. The world is beautiful.
  11. Dream: shoesromperdress
  12. DIY Melted Crayon Art <— we did this this week!
  13. Funny animal photos of 2017
  14. The most popular recipes on Pinterest this year.
  15. The Instant Pot has invaded our kitchens! 
  16. Wear it proud.
  17. The best places to travel alone.
  18. Apparently, in Japan, KFC sells low odor chicken so you can eat it in public…
  19. For David Sedaris & Miranda July fans  also this!
  20. A quick holiday pep talk!
  21. Pantry organizing tips. I gotta re-organize mine.

Last Minute Treats to Make for the Holidays:

tropicalbark 1199

Tropical Bark

Cookies & Cream Peppermint Bark // shutterbean

Cookies & Cream Peppermint Bark

Crunchy Peppermint Bark // shutterbean

Crunchy Peppermint Bark

Jasmine Tea Infused Vodka to up your spirit game. Find the recipe on Shutterbean.com!

Jasmine Tea Infused Vodka


Bourbon Salted Caramels // shutterbean

Bourbon Salted Caramels

Apple Cinnamon Infused Bourbon // shutterbean

Apple Cinnamon Infused Bourbon

  • Rosemarie

    Tracy, I can’t imagine how difficult this Christmas is going to be for you and your family with the loss of your mother. But I do want to say thank you for all you do throughout the year to help brighten the day of so many that read your blog and follow your instagram. Your and JTB blogs were among the first I read years ago, and to this day I’m so happy I’ve gotten a sneak peak into your life. You’ve inspired many a great recipe and high straightnance days!! Merry Christmas!

  • Anne Dalbjerg

    Number 8 – if you knew how many times I have passed that church….. Yes I live in Copenhagen (most of my life actually)…..but have never been inside….putting it on my 2018 bucket list

    Merry Christmaas

  • Nicole G

    Another great I Love Lists! I LOVE Cindy Sherman’s photography!! And George Cathcart too. Full disclosure – George is my mom’s cousin. I can never remember if that makes him my second cousin or my cousin once removed.

  • Jamie

    I made your pinapple spiced rum then forgot to take it for Christmas so… more for me. Happy New Year, Tracy!

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