tonight’s loot

pulled from the garden

When I set up my tomato garden, I had visions of drowning this site with tomato porn….I had soo many recipes to test!

Reality set in and I caught myself snacking out in the garden more than bringing them in the kitchen to use in recipes. Tonight was a bit different though! I took a break from snacking for a few days and had this loot tonight!

topping on pizza

And because I needed to make something quick and simple, I made little pizzas (with Trader Joe’s Flatbreads)

ding ding ding ding!

The results? AMAZING.

I have never experienced that much sweetness from a tomato. The roasting of the tomatoes on that gooey mozzarella really brought out their natural sugar.

tomato aftermath

There’s nothing better than cutting up tomatoes from your own garden!

Oh the visions I have for NEXT summer. I might just go a little overboard….

  • Rebecca

    That looks so delicious! I’m so jealous. We’re having a really wet summer and
    have yet to get any tomatoes. The flowers are there, but no red jewels yet. Hopefully
    it’ll be a late harvest. Until then, I’ll just have to live through you!

  • peachey

    it’s hard to say if anything beats a tomato, plucked from the vine and eaten while still warmed from the sun, but these lil’ pies look pretty amazing!

  • Sam@BingeNYC

    Your tomatoes are gorgeous!!! I so dearly want a tomato garden (apartment living, sigh). Shall live vicariously through your pictures instead!

  • Gabrielle

    I know what you mean! I want to plant about 20 more plants next year because we are getting really spoiled around here with the abundance of sungolds from our garden. Who cares about flowers when I can have something we can eat!?

    The pizzas look yummy – might have to make some ourselves this weekend 🙂

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