January 29, 2010

Simple. Mint. Tea.

New addiction:

Simple Mint Tea

1. Boil water.


2. Steep a small bunch of mint leaves.


3. Inhale the minty fumes.


4. Eventually take the leaves out and drink!

Simple Mint Tea

It centers me and gives my throat & nose a little spa treatment.

  • Stacey

    Yum! My husbands family also makes a great mint tea. You add the fresh mint leaves, some gunpowder green tea, and a bit of sugar. Let that steep for a bit and it’s delicious! I normally don’t like any sugar in my tea, but this has a nice taste to it. I guess it’s a traditional Moroccan tea.

  • Salla@Goddess of Cake

    I can almost smell the mint! Reminds me of summer.. I have some very invasive mint
    growing in my yard, but not now, it’s all under snow.

  • Dave -nibbleanibble

    Inhale the minty fumes is right. Who doesn’t like the smell of mint.

  • jenny


    we have a shiz load of mint that grows in the summer. every time i cut the grass
    i want to make a mojito immediately.

    mint tea sounds perfect right about now- they (ha, “they”) are calling for another
    round of snow for us- 10-16 inches!

  • Michelle

    I love the smell of mint. I kinda like mine with some chocolate to go with it, but this tea sounds quite nice too.

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