September 22, 2010

What to bring a new mom?!

Hello Friends!

Last month, the lovely Miss James of Bleubird Vintage brought another beautiful child into the world–little Gemma Bird!  I had the opportunity to do a guest post on her fabulous Bleubird Vintage Blog while she was away on maternity leave! You’ll find a few of ideas/recipes/baked treats to bring a new mom & family.  Show you care with some yummy treats!

I’d be delighted if you took a look!

Congratulations James & family!!



p.s- those little footsies belong to Mr. Cooper.  He’s gonna be TWO in less than two weeks! EEP!

  • Cami

    So precious! Great guest post too. Is it time for Tracy to have another baby? hehe

  • Lane C

    I have used your post from over there 2x it was great!! <3 the burritos. I have done that in addition to the meal I bring my new mama friends 🙂

  • Michelle

    Beautiful photo. : )

  • Tone

    I saw your post on Bleubird and can I just say thank you, thank you, thank you! We made a batch of your freezer burritos (they lasted 3 days!)….our little bun is arriving in 2 weeks so we made 20 more burritos on the weekend and froze them for those long, tired, blissed out days ahead. Only thing is we cant find blackbeans where we live here in Australia – but we just put some extra chilli beans in. Tracy, your recipes are fantastic and so is the blog – we can’t wait to do a shutterbean feature on our new little blog.
    Love Tone and Div @ http://swingsandroundabouts-blog.blogspot.com/

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