November 24, 2010

It’s crunch time!

Soo much to do in the next few days! I’ve just been to the market (what the HECK was I thinking?!) and now I’m ready to get to work!

I decided to play it safe and make things from my arsenal so I don’t have the added pressure of pulling something off I’ve never tried before. Been there, done that and have like 12 gray hairs to prove it.

So here’s my lineup/game plan!

For Thanksgiving I’m in charge of Pumpkin Cream Pie & helping my mother with everything else.

The day after Thanksgiving we are visiting with Casey’s family, and I have a HUGE TO DO list for that.

The tough part is that I have to pack all this stuff up in advance so I can prep it while I’m there.

Lots of lists have been made… Believe me.

For appetizers we are having a Sun Dried Tomato Goat Cheese Log with garlic crostini.

I’m making some type of mushroom bruschetta concoction. Might look something like this…

I’ve been inspired by Tara & Whitney. I might make something that’s a combo of their two recipes. We’ll see!

I’m making my Simple Caesar Salad with lots of extra croutons for the kids to munch on.

My nephew Henry is a huge crouton fan! I always make him his own bag. He loves it.

This will go along with a red sauce spaghetti & sausage dinner…with a BUNCH of my famous garlic bread (recipe soon!)

I’ll bust out some Spicy Maple Walnuts if I get a chance. They’re totally easy, so I’m not worried.

I’ve made Fleur De Sel Caramels already. They were a hit last year! I got a few requests for them again this year!

Also…hoping to get this post out sometime (soon!) for Easy Apple Cranberry CAKE. OMFG it’s good.

Say hello!


So that’s what I’ve got cooking.  Which only makes me realize that I’d better get at it!

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving! Eat an extra scoop of stuffing for me!



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