March 19, 2018

Intentions for the Week

Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:

Hello, Monday.

We’re at it again.

This weekend I did quite a few organizing projects. I evaluated my workspace. We went into the city. I bought some plants. We celebrated our 12th anniversary with sushi. Hopefully, we gained some energy for this coming week because it’s going to be a busy one.

I also spent some time looking through old journals and finding little notes I left myself.
Since my Mom died, I haven’t felt like keeping a journal. I’ve fallen off track with bullet journaling. My biggest intention this week is to stay on top of my calendar and lists. Anytime I deviate from this, my life gets messy and I can’t keep up.

I can’t just wing it. I need to engage.

Here’s my spread for the week: 


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Plus, I am working on a bullet journal class sometime soon and I need to practice

(here are my bullet journal layouts & supplies btw)

Intentions for the Week:

  • stay on top of the calendar
  • clear space on computer & phone
  • prep for meetings
  • post pics of my office FINALLY
  • whiskey event/pack for overnight trip
  • birthday dinner for boop
  • catch up on invoicing
  • continue to work on tax prep
  • return to homegoods
  • return coveralls
  • repot ficus
  • ship out orders for The Handwriting Club
  • book flights
  • hike with Casey
  • make good food choices
  • take an exercise class
  • invite a friend out for coffee
  • make someone happy
  • send a few letters
  • drink more water (this helps)
  • help a friend in need

Last Week’s Intentions:

  • change all the clocks in our house to the right time!
  • edit/upload One Potato photos
  • invoices
  • laundry
  • prep for meeting this week
  • prep for taxes
  • catch up on social media
  • work on the handwriting club
  • repot plants  (I got some of the supplies + plants)
  • finally paint nails
  • ship out orders for The Handwriting Club
  • work in the kitchen (lemon shrimp & french onion soup maybe!)
  • work on office photos
  • post pictures from Cavallo Point?
  • drink water
  • go on a hike with Casey (it rained!)
  • carve out time to make some art
  • make good food choices
  • rest when I need to!


Mantra for the Week:

  • lee

    “My biggest intention this week is to stay on top of my calendar and lists. Anytime I deviate from this, my life gets messy and I can’t keep up.”

    Yep. I completely agree! The effort of keeping up with my calendar and to-do lists is minor compared to the effort of getting back on track when I let that slide. Hope your week is a rewarding one!

  • Darlene

    Your list is helping me think more about my own list. Thank you!

    *drink more water–I did pretty well last week
    *practice more tai chi–also did well last week
    *add an extra serving of veggies every day
    *clean art table
    *cast on shawl–I finally got the pattern on paper
    *find the Easter Basket
    *go for a walk–or 2 walks

  • Darlene

    Hey hey, another Darlene! I had to comment 🙂 I love that video! You have inspired me to start my own weekly list of intentions. An intention list sounds so much better than just a To-Do list… it feels easier on myself if I miss something.

    Here’s some of my things:
    -sign + finalize taxes (done today!)
    -strip diapers… yes we are cloth diapering (groan)
    -client work (schedules, revisions, meetings)
    -journal (it’s newly on my radar too!)

    Thanks for sharing your intentions and sharing what you’ve accomplished each week, Tracy. It’s inspiring and you are amazing!

  • Marla

    I’m loving the mantra addition – good idea

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