My life. Summer 2010.

I check on my plants at least twice a day. I like watching their progress. I do a lot of watering.

moved some stuff around

We should have fresh tomatoes any day now!


Cooper eats breakfast the second he wakes up. We both look forward to eating first thing in the AM.

Here’s his typical aftermath.

every morning

On the days I’m not at work, we are either playing in the backyard or out for a long walk to the park.

I like to pick flowers from the yard and put them around the house. Cooper likes to play with them…

So I have to put them out of his reach.

purple blue green

I planted some echinacea and they are finally taking off!

my echinacea

While we are running around, the cats sleep. A LOT. But what else is new? Lucky cats. They have it rough…

I let Cooper run around the house in a diaper when it’s super hot outside. He loves jumping on the bed.

We also play trains together inside. Thank god for air conditioning.

This summer our oven died (thanks to the self cleaning cycle). But I love our new Blue Star! Here she is.

the new oven!

Aren’t the burners super sexy? Never use the Self Cleaning Cycle, btw! NEVER. It’s why we have a new oven.

It basically melted the innards of the digital readout/motherboard thingy majiggy.

i love these burners

I’ve been wanting to redecorate my house lately. I needed a change… So I started with the mantle.


I think the last time I changed it was in February. Time flies. Life gets in the way sometimes.

i love this clock!

I like it now. It’s light & fresh.  I’m digging the hints of green mixed in with the white & silver.

infinity in the mirror

There’s always so much light during the day. I like it when we don’t need to turn on lights inside.

We got a new table for the sitting room this summer. I finally feel like the room is *complete*

It’s also the time of year when we have our lighter/zebra duvet cover on. It makes me happy.

I’ve been on a mad hunt for a new duvet, but have yet to find one that fits this room. Sigh.

When Casey comes home from work, I fire up the grill. Cooper plays outside with his lawnmower & baseball bat.

This is my view while I’m grilling.

And we eat outside when the weather permits! Lately it’s been kind of chilly here in the Bay Area. What gives?

Occasionally we have a drink outside with our neighbors.

And when Cooper goes down for the evening, we watch TV shows on our DVR. There’s a lot of good ones right now!

I like to unwind with my favorite dessert –on the couch. I’m a big couch hog. I take up a good section of it.

This summer I’ve been trying to finish Breaking Dawn; the last book in the Twilight series. I’m almost there! I usually read a chapter before bed. It’s taking me too long. Maybe I just don’t want it to end?

So far summer has been good. How’s yours?

  • wifeysinger

    Beautiful summer-thanks for sharing!

  • Jessica Craig

    i love being at your home, and this made me miss it even more. i love your mantel right now! smooches.

  • Iron Chef Shellie

    So jealous, it’s winter down here in Australia and I can’t get motivated to start my herb garden! You backyard and house looks amazing!

  • holly

    what a great post! my summer looks sorta similar…minus the baby 🙂 we also live in the bay area and have one of thise galvanized troughs-going to plant bamboo in it!

    ps love the table in the sitting room.

    • Tracy

      thank you thank you! Hey! Your website is super cute btw! I’m gonna add it to my blog reader!

  • dana

    Beautiful photos! I am loving the grean/white/silver combo too–it’s invigorating! Also, WHERE on earth did you purchase those insanely beautiful peonies?!?! I am assuming they are faux because the season is over but they look SO real! I am mad with jealousy! Thanks for the post!

    • Tracy

      Good eye Dana! They are faux (and I LOVE THEM SO!) I got them at a local store. They cost a decent amount, but are TOTALLY worth it. They had a bright splash of pink to the room-which i love.

      • dana

        Ah-ha, THANKS for the info! They really do brighten up a space! I’ve been searching the interweb but it’s hard to find decent looking ones. Do you mind telling me the name of the store? I have family in the bay area and a birthday coming up 😉 You’re the best!

  • Dana

    What a great idea for a post! I love all the color in your house! And I am so jealous of the light. Our house is kind of dark and it makes me crazy. Our mantle is about as boring as it gets. I’m looking forward to some insight from you…

  • Kerry

    Love this story-by-pictures post 🙂 Great photos!

  • jordan

    this was so nice. thank you.

  • Sarah

    what a beautiful home and a beautiful life you have!! where in the bay area are you? it has been weirdly chilly…

    • Tracy

      Thank you Sarah! I live in the pennisula! Every morning has been foggy, but the sun breaks through around noon!!

  • christine

    Love this.
    You are a superwoman!

  • emily s

    I LOVE your decorating – you have a wonderful eye : )) Love hearing about your life – and you DO want to finish that last chapter in the book ;)) totally worth it!

  • joy the baker

    i love your pictures lady.
    you have amazing taste… dang. for real.

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