October 19, 2018


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. What a cool way to use tarot cards!
  2. Are sunflower seeds healthy?
  3. I do love a quick fix.
  4. I can’t believe my eyes. A pizza burger?  How charitable!
  5. There are so many cool things to be found in this world.
  6. The first one made me LOL
  7. We could all use a little snail mail now. AMEN
  8. I wish my Mom could read this.
  9. An easy way to make a waterproof phone case for filming!
  10. The hidden kitchens of New York
  11. If you’re gonna have a midnight snack…
  12. I like looking at what was in my purse a year ago. It’s all different now.
  13. On the YES I MUST MAKE LIST: garlic fried ricekale salad with salmon, pumpkin crullers 
  14. How do you help a grieving friend?
  15. Reasonably priced dresses on Amazon that look cute: one / two / three / four
  16. Can you imagine staying at a hotel made of ice?
  17. Inspired by: Austin Kleon
  18. Cherry blossoms are blooming in the Fall in Japan now.
  19. The 30 Best Halloween Candies. Can you guess what #1 is?
  20. Productivity tips from 9 experts. I never have a problem skipping meals…
  21. According to this quiz, the dog breed that matches my personality is a MUTT. lol
  22. Fancy convenience stores are a new thing.  I’m all for a good looking shopping experience.
  23. Battery drain. Amen.
  24. Don’t be fooled by Ikea’s mind games.
  25. Make some pancakes this weekend and read a book!


  • Kristin

    Ha, I was just at IKEA yesterday and I absolutely fell for their tricks. I had two things I went in to buy, but I was also shopping alone and without any schedule. I was in there for 2 hours!! It was wonderful. No regrets. Speaking of stores with “racetrack” aisles, there is an awesome grocery store in Connecticut based on that model, called Stew Leonard’s. What a shopping experience that place is!

  • Kate

    According to that quiz, I’m a golden retriever and they’re WAY too sunshiney and people pleasing for that to be accurate. 😉

    I’m also now obsessed with that Make It Lovely blog. I may have spent an hour bopping around. I won’t confirm that though!! Happy weekend!

  • Nicole

    Glad you’re into the Tarot art wall! And for the record, apparently I’m a pit bull. Very scientific quiz so it must be so.

  • Sina

    Fun list 🙂 I’m a pitbull? What? Oh well…
    Also, these IKEA-strategists are so good! It took me years to manage going directly to the stockroom with the boxed furniture on shelves, without meandering through the showroom.

    Also, thank you for reminding me of Megan Devine’s book, I really need her advice as a friend of mine is grieving and I’m having sort of a hard time being there for her. This ist so helpful!

  • Sandy

    Hi, I made the above kale and salmon salad last night and it is seriously the BEST salad we have ever eaten-bar none! The best part was the panko crumbs, along with sesame and poppy seeds. I added the seeds because I don’t have Gaby’s Everything seasoning and made do. We’re still talking about it today-will make again next week. Thank you so much for this wonderful link.Slicing the kale into thin ribbons makes it tender and easy to eat, too. Thank you for your wonderful site.

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