August 17, 2011

BluePrint Cleanse

I’ve been putting off doing a cleanse FOREVER and once I had Cooper I thought there was NO WAY I could be a mom and cleanse because it just didn’t seem possible! How the heck would I manage?? Where would I get the energy to chase around an active toddler? I seriously NEED to eat and drink coffee in order to function. Or so I thought…

What turned me off on cleansing was the annoyance of having to buy ultra specific/pricey/exotic foods and the idea of spending lots of time prepping meals. How do you make 3 different juices, poached fish, steamed vegetables and white miso soup for your work day? Who can do that in the morning? When I saw Joy’s review of her cleansing experience, I decided to give the BluePrintCleanse a try. It’s a 3 day juice-only cleanse where you simply drink 5 different juices throughout the day and then you end the day with a tasty cashew milk. Everything was labeled, convenient and easy to follow. Instructions were emailed, juices were sent and I was in it to win it! I’m proud to say that I made it through and it was MUCH easier than I imagined.

Come take a look!

To begin the cleanse, you have to pre-cleanse. This means you spend three days eating fruits & vegetables while reducing your caffeine intake.

pre cleanse food

Here’s my last meal. A salad of tomatoes, red onions & avocados with lemon juice. Goodbye FOOD!

pre cleanse

You can’t drink coffee while you’re cleansing. If you’re a big coffee drinker like me, it’s good to wean yourself off before you start the cleanse. It helps prevent massive headaches during the cleanse. I actually quit cold turkey and it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Oh. There’s also no alcohol allowed. Sad face.

You have to cut out meat & dairy while pre-cleansing as well as drastically reduce the amount of carbs you eat. Drinking water is key and staying away from processed foods is a MUST!

My juices arrived at the beginning of day three of the pre-cleanse so I decided to start a day early. They were overnighted from NYC! Here’s three days of juices ready to be placed in my fridge. I dove right in.

My shipment came with a little cooler/travel bag so I could easily take my juices to work.

Cooper was fascinated by the juices. He liked keeping track of the number I was drinking. #3 is a green juice! I’m no stranger to green juice; I love them! There’s an apple in there to help sweeten the deal.

Here’s #2- Pineapple Apple Mint. It’s so pleasant & refreshing! I loved it. I was so hooked on it that I made my own version while post-cleansing. I’ll share that with you soon.

Juice# 5 meant dinner time! This is what I made for Casey & Cooper…Sigh. It’s weird not eating.

Cashew milk OBSESSION!

My 3 day experience went something like this:

DAY ONE: I enjoyed tasting the different juices. Green was good. Pineapple Apple Mint was awesome. The Cayenne Lemonade was spicy but gave me a big pick-me-up in the afternoon. I noticed that I felt lost during lunch time at work. What do I do with my time if I can’t eat? What do I look forward to? I took a walk and drank a juice. I’m not gonna lie, it was bit tough by the end of the day. I had a lot of food cravings. I wanted to chew on something. I made a big mistake and looked at a few cookbooks. ACK! I realized a few things that day. I realized how much “blind” eating I do. I went to spread almond butter on a piece of bread for Cooper and caught myself about to lick the almond butter off the spoon. I didn’t do it, but I was conscious of a pesky habit I have. Doh!  By the end of the day I had a headache and had a tough time getting to bed which I found interesting. I thought that I would fall asleep instantly because I didn’t have any coffee. Weird! I kept reminding myself that it was just two more days…

DAY TWO: I woke up feeling FANTASTIC ! My skin was tighter and my stomach was flatter. I didn’t feel bloated! Do I always feel bloated?  It was nice not having to make coffee in the morning and spend time preparing food for myself. I just had some herbal tea and started drinking my juice. There was a spring in my step and I felt like I could tackle anything that was on my TO-DO list. Nothing seemed to stress me out and it made me wonder if food contributes to my stress? Does it make me feel worse? Hmmm. I also had supersonic smelling powers. I could smell EVERYTHING. So weird! This day I was able to really connect with Cooper and get tons of stuff done around the house. I felt awesome.

DAY THREE: I was TOTALLY into it. I felt light! I actually found myself looking forward to night time so I could get my hands on that cashew milk! I was also battling feelings of being scared to eat again because my body was clean. I mean, I wanted to eat food but what would I eat first? What would it be like? Would I like it? I couldn’t believe I made it 5 days without coffee and I was nervous to try it again but curious to see how my body handled it. By the end of this day I felt like I could actually do a couple more days of juicing. CRAZY. I never would have predicted that. I felt incredibly proud.

After Day Three, I spent three days post-cleansing. This meant I slowly introduced food back into my system.  You can’t go full throttle or you’ll get incredibly sick.  I ate nothing but fruits and vegetables for the first two days and then slowly worked certain things back into my diet. I had pineapple for breakfast the first morning and was blown away at how vibrant and sweet it was. I was more aware of the texture with each bite and paid close attention to chewing it instead of inhaling it.

We went on a hike soon after and I felt a bit queasy. I think it was my body trying to process the pineapple!

This was my first “big” meal after the cleanse. I had an arugula salad with corn, chopped red pepper avocado & lemon juice. It hit the spot after our hike!

At work on Monday I ate a HUGE salad with sweet potato, apples, red pepper & arugula. It really filled me up!

I’m on day four of post cleansing right now and I still feel FANTASTIC. My skin is clear and I have a lot of energy. I also lost 7lbs! I’ve been wanting to lose some weight in the past few months but just couldn’t get motivated. This experience has given me a jump start to live a healthier/cleaner life. Feeling lighter is good motivation to keep it up.

What I learned on this cleanse:

  • I do a lot of blind eating (eating while making a meal & while I’m clearing off Cooper’s plate of things he didn’t eat)
  • I had a very unhealthy addiction to coffee. It was always the FIRST thing I put in my body in the morning and I thought it help fuel my day. What I didn’t realize until I introduced it back into my life today is that it keeps me on edge and makes me jittery. Sure a coffee buzz is exciting and somehow it makes me more productive. But what’s the point of drinking coffee if my tolerance is so high? I couldn’t even get a buzz when I was a full time coffee drinker! I also realized that it didn’t make my stomach feel very good so I counteracted that by eating carbs & comfort food. This always gets me into trouble because I don’t eat enough vegetables & fruits as a result. Boo.
  • I eat when I’m bored. Food is something that fills the gap in my day.  I look forward to it and I spend all my free time making stuff for my website. I found other ways to occupy my time during the day. When I think about how much time I spend in the kitchen or eating throughout the day it boggles my mind that I get other stuff done.
  • I don’t drink enough liquids on a daily basis. I already knew this, but when I drank lots of water in between drinking juices, I noticed that I went to the bathroom more. This helped flush toxins out of my system. At work, it forced me to get up from my desk at the office and “take a break.” I normally hold off going to the bathroom until the last possible second and then I get up and finally walk to the bathroom. Why should I deny myself a break? I’m getting exercise and clearing my head in the process.
  • I definitely CAN do a cleanse and be a parent! It did not get in the way of parenting & caring for Cooper. It actually made my life easier because I didn’t have to sort out my meal situation. I was at home with him on Day 2 of the cleanse and we had the most fun together we’ve had in a long time because I was present and not distracted. I didn’t have to clean up the huge mess I would have made in the kitchen and didn’t have to run out to the grocery store to get food.

So there you have it! That’s what my cleanse experience was like. I believe it is really important to give your stomach a break. It’s like leaving your car running and never turning off the engine! When you introduce things back into your system, you are able to see the positive and negative effects it has on your body both mentally & physically. When do you ever get a chance to do that? A cleanse has the power to change your life and the way you think about food. You should try it! It’s a great challenge to give yourself.


If you’re curious about this particular cleanse, check out BluePrintCleanse website. I did their FOUNDATION cleanse and I highly recommend it. I know it seems expensive, but it’s a luxury that’s totally worth it. It’s your health after all!  If you want to do it on your own, you just need a juicer and their The 3-Day Cleanse book. The recipes look fantastic and I can’t wait to try them out when I do my next cleanse this Fall. I think you’ll also like their writing style & enthusiasm. It’s light-hearted and funny!

I’m glad I put it on my list of things to do before my birthday because I don’t think I would have done it if I hadn’t!

#14. Do a Cleanse=DONE!

Have you cleansed? Did you love it? I want to hear about it!

  • Danielle

    You’re making me *so* curious!! I’m very very tempted to sign up this Fall. Yes, I know what you’re going to say, but please, say it anyway 😉

    Also, how did I not know that you’ve got a job too??

  • maggie

    Very often, when people talk about doing a ‘cleanse’ it actually sounds very unhealthy to me. Your experience, however, sounds great! I’m intrigued, but still pretty nervous. I’ll keep looking into Blue Print Cleanse until I feel I’m ready to make the leap. Thanks for this post!

  • Kate M.

    I tried the crazy ten day lemonade cleanse once. I fell like it wasn’t worth it though. This way seems much healthier and sane!

  • Katrina

    This was a super interesting post to read. I can’t get this in Canada 🙁 I went to order it and say that they don’t ship! Darn.

    • Alex

      They are about to start shipping to Canada! A little birdie told me. Stay tuned!

  • Sam Hill

    I don’t really get it. How is that last salad before you started cleansing any less healthy or “cleansing” than your juiced up fruit and veg? I understand laying off the booze and caffeine but don’t understand why stopping eating solids will help?

    I’m not trying to be mean, honest. I just think it seems a bit pseudosciencey

    • Tracy

      It’s about giving your stomach a break! Also you rid yourself of a bunch of toxins in the process!

  • Lucia

    Not eating makes me nervous. Not eating, mmm.
    But you’re so right: more fruit and vegetables, more water, more breaks.
    We always say that, we rarely do it.
    Good job Tracy, you’ve done it!
    P.S. Loove those supersonic smelling powers.
    Loove to really taste things after the cleanse.

  • Robyn

    i did an elimination challenge last year with my naturopath. i had to cut out wheat, dairy, eggs, red meat, caffiene, sugar, and alcohol for TWO WEEKS! then you slowly start re-introducing each thing (one thing every three days) and monitor how your body reacts, how you feel, etc. the whole purpose was to see if i had any food sensitivities. it was like my own science experiment! it was interesting to do it once (i didn’t end up having any allergies or sensitivities), but i don’t know if i would do it again! the only think that stuck is that i stopped drinking diet pepsi for the cleanse (i was hugely addicted) and i just never started again!

  • Kelly

    You have convinced me! I’m starting next week!

  • brandi l-b

    thank you tracy — i’m officially inspired! about to go on a 2 week vacation where i will no doubt be eating and drinking to my heart’s content and i am very much looking forward to cleansing afterwards! going to buy the book though as i have an awesome juicer already that i don’t take much advantage of.

  • Nicole

    Love this, Tracy. It is helpful to have your notes about how you felt along the way! Marc and I did a sort of cleanse where you put a powdery herb mix into water and drink that instead of 3 meals. It turned slimy when it hit the water and was weird, sweet and minty. Blech. Not pleasant.

  • lynn @ the actor's diet

    i have cleansed a number of times in the past but for me, personally, that “high” feeling comes nowhere near the satisfaction i get from an amazing meal!

  • sherri lynn

    I loved reading about your experience! I found it so interesting that you felt energetic and your skin felt tight. I’ll be curious to know if you can keep those pounds off that you lost, or if it was just a temporary thing because of the cleanse. I might have to try this sometime!

  • blah

    I’m curious about the benefits of a “cleanse”. I mean, if you’re eating healthy, not drinking and not smoking, what is it that you need to purge from your system? I mean, doesn’t your liver, kidneys, spleen and other bits sort of clean everything up and keep everything free of toxins?

    Please don’t take this in a negative tone, it’s just that I’ve never heard (other than temporary weight loss) why it’s necessary to do a cleanse to begin with. I mean, is there that much gunk built up inside us? If so, what causes it and wouldn’t simply avoiding those icky things be good enough?

  • miss alix

    i have considered doing this juice cleanse before since it’s seems so simple and all the flavors sound yummy. while the cost of the juice is reasonable, it’s the shipping that gets me every time.

    cool that you had such a good experience though. this is a nice reminder to be motivated to eat more healthful foods.

  • Julie @BananasforBourbon

    Ok, I admit I was so skeptical when you first mentioned your juice cleanse, but I checked out their website a few days ago, and now I’m so gung ho to do it, it’s not even funny! Ok, it’s a little funny. I mentioned it to my husband, expecting the same skeptisicm from him. I got that, but also support! He said if I did it, he should just do it to, or he’d feel bad eating in front of me. That probably just means he wouldn’t want to prepare his own food for 3 whole days, but still, how sweet!

    Thank you SO MUCH for giving such a detailed response to how you felt during the cleanse. That’s the part that I want to know about most, but they talk about least on their website. Go figure. Did you find you had enough energy to work out if you wanted to? Obviously being a busy mom is exercise in itself, but I have a regular morning workout, and I’m just curious if I’d be up for it. I guess we’ll see!

    Honestly, I don’t need to lose any weight, but the idea of flushing out my body and just doing a reset sounds so perfect right now. I just need to figure out when! I do a lot of booze drinking events. No booze! Sad face. But I still want to do it. 🙂

    • Tracy

      WOW!!! Go Team BananasforBourbon!! Your husband sounds like a real winner.

      I didn’t workout while on the cleanse (I was busy!) But I’m pretty sure I would have had the energy for it.

  • stefanie renee

    I was wondering about you and how this all went- thanks for the detailed recap. I’m really thinking of doing this too. Now, you’ve given me the props to just do it!
    Happy Birthday btw 🙂


  • Sandra

    Not something I ever understood, eat healthy, yes, but cleanse? I don’t think it’s necessary.

  • Sophia

    Can you give details of the “cleanse” process…aka…did it make you poop like crazy? I’m sorry to be so blunt, but I was expecting some sort of crazy reaction your body might have had to these juices-and you didn’t mention anything…I’d be interested to hear what actually happened in that department, pretty please 🙂

  • Meagan @ Scarletta Bakes

    I have been intrigued by Blue Print for awhile now and I think that you’ve pushed me over the edge. Thanks so much for the thorough review of the process. I love that you learned stuff about yourself along the way too.

  • Julie

    Wow! I’ve been avoiding a cleanse for the very same reason but it really does seem surprisingly doable! Thanks for testing it out for the rest of us 😉

  • Jen

    Good job on the cleanse! Thank you for writing about it!

    I have a question… how do you put sweet potato in a salad? Do you cook it first? Is it weird? I think I need to try that!

    • Tracy

      oh! It’s cooked. I just cooked it in the microwave at work, let it cool down and added it to the salad! It’s really really good! It adds a lot of fiber and weight to eat so I don’t feel like I NEED bread. I always feel like I need bread so that’s a good thing.

  • Esi

    I loved reading your cleanse experience and how you felt each day. It’s an investment for sure, but it seems to be worth it. Thanks!

  • alice

    how much did it cost for the foundation cleanse?

  • Kim

    I love this post! I have been eyeing the BPC for over a year now but wasn’t sure if I wanted to pay the money. I ended up watching the documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, and bought a juicer and did a three day cleanse this week with my homemade juices. I felt much like you, with the energy and then the fear of eating again! I still think very carefully of whats going on my body now. I just posted my recap if you’re interested!

  • Lauren

    So not knowing you were doing a cleanse at all, I am day two status post a 3 day juice cleanse. I got mine at a juice bar that makes the juices fresh each day. This is available in many areas, I did mine on vacation visiting family in Boise ID. Living in SF there are plenty of juice bars that do this as well. I might try a cleanse I have been eyeing at coolercleanse.com. I really really have to echo your sentiments. The only time I missed food was fixing yummy meals for the kids, and really only on day one. I had a horrible headache the night of day one, apparently not uncommon. On day three I felt great and could have continued on more days- no problem. I too did not realize how much I grazed throughout the day making food for the kids ( and I know I graze terribly at work as I work 24 hours shifts and feel any calories after 2:00 am shouldn’t count). I also really don’t miss wine which shocks me. It has been a total reset button for me- looking way more critical about every bite I take, making sure it’s good quality, and worth it. The few pounds I shed was a bonus. I too will cleanse again in the fall – it was surprisingly wonderful. BTW my mom did a 5 day and feels great. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Britt

    Thanks for sharing your experience–this was really interesting to read! My husband and I do a 1-day BP cleanse every couple weeks, usually on a day when we’re planning to do a lot of work or cleaning. It’s nice not to have to think about meals on those days, and, plus, the juices taste so good and make your body feel great! After our last cleanse, I set to work on a homemade version of the cashew milk and will be sharing that soon. Can’t wait to see your pineapple mint–it’s the hubby’s favorite. 🙂

  • Koko Stanley

    I LOVE blueprint, isn’t it the best cleanse? After doing it, my family started juicing on our own and now every morning we wake up and make a juice before the gym/work. It has seriously changed our whole outlook on food. We try and do it every 3 months as a “kick start” and refresher.

  • kate @ pomelo sunshine

    I’ve been considering doing a cleanse for a few months now and after ready this post and read the BP Cleanse website pretty thoroughly, I think I’m in. Thanks for the recommendation, I’m so excited to try it!

  • Kasey

    I was really interested to read your experience. I know I eat when I’m bored and eating is definitely something that I use to break up my day – esp. at work! I think it’s so cool that your cleanse helped your realize that while food is great, something we need to think a bit more about our choices. I’ve heard BP is delicious – esp. the cashew juice 🙂

  • arabella

    I did the Cleanse ! I went through it! Here is my experience:


    Thanks for the great idea Tracy !

  • anne

    Tracy: I want to do this now. I read on Joy’s blog when she did it, and it sparked my interest, but hearing from two of you now makes me think it is totally a good idea. I’ve been wanting to do a cleanse for a long time, but am always freaked that I’m going to do my body more harm than good. Did you feel sick or tired? I am a little anxious about how it’d make me feel the first or second day…

    Your feedback would be much appreciated! I’d love to try one!

    • Tracy

      First day I felt headachey and a little tired but after the second day I was euphoric & energized. Everyone reacts to it differently, but I was really shocked at how easy it was!

  • stacy

    I’ve been wanting to do a cleanse for years! Thansk for the detailed post- I will defo check out the BP Cleanse!

  • laura k

    So, after reading about your cleanse a few weeks ago, I’ve been contemplating and contemplating. And I finally decided to give it a try: I start next Thursday. Weirdly, I’m a little more worried about the pre- and post-cleanse eating than during the three days. But I’m looking forward to hitting the “reset” button. Many people have said that the Blueprint cleanse helped them to re-evaluate the way they eat after it was over. Do you think that is just a temporary thing, right after the cleanse, or do you think you’re still eating “cleaner” several weeks later?

    • Tracy

      Ummmm. I had a cheese steak for lunch today. Ummmm. Haha! I would say that I am drinking tons of water after this cleanse, juicing every now in then as a meal and eating more vegetables. I’ve been eating mostly vegetarian for the past few weeks too so that’s good! I’ve also stayed away from heavily processed foods and can’t wait to do another cleanse again!

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  • Carolyn

    Thank you for this! Makes cleansing seem so fun and simple. I have a quick question – would you recommend cleansing for moms to be or pregnant moms? My hubby and I are trying to conceive and I want to cleanse but don’t know if it’d be bad for the hopeful baby. thanks!

    • Tracy

      If it gets your body on track and lays a good foundation for a healthy lifestyle, I’m pretty sure it would be great if you are wanting to get pregnant. I would say- CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR. I’d only really be concerned about doing it while pregnant.

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  • AMB222

    Did you have a colonic as recommended? That’s the only part that scares me! It seems like if you make the investment in the juices then you need to do this part as well at the beginning and the end, is that correct?

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  • Ai

    Thank you for the inspiration! I’ve had this post saved since I read about it, and I finally followed through. I’m on day 2 and feel great! We’ll see what tomorrow brings :-}


  • Kerry

    You’ve inspired me to try out a cleanse of my own! I’m on Day 2 of a much more mild, three day, fruit & veggie detox. Just like you did as a pre-cleanse! It made me realize how much “blind” eating I do. I’ve also never attempted to follow a diet, or restrict the food I eat (besides eating meat only produced locally), so it’s actually proven to be a challenge. But just one more day! I can’t believe how good and light it feels!

  • maria

    How often should someone cleanse?

    • Tracy

      I think it’s good twice a year. Some people suggest doing it at the change of every season, but I can tell you that it was SUPER hard for me to do a cleanse in the winter. Good luck!

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  • Alli

    Thanks so much for all the info I start my bpc tomorrow !

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