December 15, 2010

NUTS about NUTS! (Roundup)

After doing my Cookie Party Roundup, I realized that there are people out there who get OVER LOADED with cookies on the holidays. Sometimes I feel bad adding to one’s cookie loot because there have been times where I’ve definitely been over-cookied. Since there’s a little time left, and some of you might be scrambling to make something this weekend or next week before Christmas arrives, here’s a post dedicated to those of you who are NUTS about NUTS! The best part is that they’re all simple to tackle and most all of these recipes have a decent shelf life. Who doesn’t appreciate that at this time of year?

Addictive Nutty Topping

A snap to whip up. Great added to yogurt, topped on pancakes, or eaten straight out of the jar you present it in.

The hardest part will be having some left to give AS presents. Watch out!

Light & Crispy Almond Granola

Who doesn’t love homemade granola? I mean honestly?! I would love a huge mason jar filled with some!

Nutty Cranberry Granola

You could include some ways to use this granola, but I’m pretty sure anyone who receives this as a gift would eat it straight out of the pretty container you put it in. No doubt.

Spicy Maple Glazed Walnuts

Sweet, Spicy, Sticky, Savory and SPECTACULAR. I think that covers it. Yup.

Carmelized Walnuts

I fell in love with them while making the Pumpkin Cake with Brown Butter Icing recipe. Package some up and include a recipe card for a fancy salad with them as the star ingredient! This Arugula Carmelized Onion Salad would be helpful! You really could use this technique with any nut. Maybe add some cayenne pepper & salt to the sugar too? My husband would love that.

Coconut Date Almond Rolls

Your friends will welcome these healthy, yet sweet and tasty treats. Good for kiddies too!

Spicy Cocktail Nuts

They’re definitely SPICY, but very enjoyable to those of you looking to counteract a major sweet tooth indulgence! Also a great addition to your holiday appetizer spread!  Put some in a bag with a festive bow and call them your FANCY NUT SACKS.

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