March 11, 2011

365- Week 10

A food related photo every day til 2012. Here’s week 10:

69/365 I earned a CAKE POP today. It was my first.

today i EARNED a cake pop

68/365 Granola Bar & a TO-DO list

granola bars & to-do lists

67/365 New favorite snack! Apples, peanut butter, raisins & granola.

afternoon snack

66/365 I wanted a churro but settled for microwave popcorn & hot chocolate at work.

afternoon snack

65/365 Morning smoothie with Coop. Hello sunshine.

cooper's fave smoothie

64/365 Casey’s birthday breakfast request: Egg, bacon & toast.

Birthday Breakfast

63/365 Fish tacos! One of them had pineapple & avocado on top. YUM.

fish tacos!

  • Quezal Austin

    I have been seeing cake pops everywhere! Im curious though, are they as good as they look?! I adore your blog!

  • diandra

    those cake pops! my husband works at starbucks and i was waiting for them (i live in a small town without fancy bakeries) and then just before they arrived i decided to go off of dairy? hm. no cake pops for me!

    • jessica

      I made some once for my sis when she couldn’t have dairy using a chocolate oil cake, raspberry jam and marshmallow cream for binding, and dipped them in melted dark chocolate (dairy-free anyway). Totally doable and yummy! 🙂

  • Jess

    i never have those little sticks around so its all about the cake balls for me:)

  • Lindsay

    this cake pop business is something i have not encountered. i will need to try. 🙂

  • R

    Love the photos! Composition, lighting, and color. I saw these last week, then thought of them this weekend when I was at a gallery in South Carolina. I was looking at photos by Melinda Mead at the time, although hers were not of food. Her work is on the web, if you are interested.

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