My Everyday Life Week 30

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 30

Calendula alert! I grew these from seeds!

Bonjour, Huggy.


A lightbulb moment.

I like having lunch with Cooper during the week.


I like this part of my Intentions for the Week printable.

Highlight of the week- Taking a Zumba class online with my friend Matt!! 

A concoction with sausage, tomatoes & tots.

I’ve been using my quilt from college outside. 

I love staring at his profile.

Check out this sweet license plate.

Breakfast for two.

I wish Cooper ate eggs. It would make my life a lot easier.

Escaping reality with Amy Sedaris’ I Like You cookbook.

I needed a good laugh.

Making things pretty lively around here…

Added the escape bookmark to my journal.

Thank you, Tammi!!!

Found him hanging out while I was gardening.

A quiet morning with my blooms.

Recipe testing.

The stump I stumped now has sprouts.

The front yard.

Addicted to:

I read this in an old astrology chart I printed out.

Cantaloupe season for me! No one else eats it in my house. Same with avocado.

Made some magic in my sketchbook this week.

YUM. Also, I grew that jalapeno!

Testing out a bean recipe.

Huggy loves overalls.

Finding pretties at the Farmer’s market this week with Neiley.

I bought a bunch of flowers.

We found a baby snail on one of the stems.

Before I put it in my garden, I had a little fun with it.

Tomatoes from friends because mine haven’t grown big enough yet.

One of my favorites so far.

A good omen, no?

Sun golds!

Prepping for a small birthday dinner for my Dad.

74th birthday for my pops!

Those sungold tomatoes ended up roasted in this pesto fettucini dish.

I made my triple berry galette for my Dad.

It was nice to see him smile again.

Helping me arrange flowers.

I am trying to get my Dad to teach me how he makes his vinegar so I can blog about it.


Frustrated that the colors don’t look anything like their caps.

He humored me by letting me swaddle him.

He’s my favorite.

Saturday living.

If you leave a bag on the floor in my house, this is what happens.

Living in overalls these days.

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  • Peg

    Would love to learn about the vinegar!

  • Krystal

    Where do you get all of your cute overalls? I need to see if my cat will let me carry him around in them. Lol

  • Lindsay

    Wait, did you eat tomato toast with MAYO?!?!

  • Christina

    Tracy!! I love your “Everyday Life” Posts SO MUCH! Thank you for reminding me to see the beauty in life 🙂
    PS – My boys won’t eat eggs either, and it drives me crazy!!

  • Byanca

    No one else eats avocado in your hourse? WHAT?!
    Also that snail in the car is almost too much for me!

  • Jamie

    The PB&J on rice cakes was a staple for me in college in the 80’s! And love the Hodge Podge!

  • Jemma

    I am LIVING for Huggy in a beret and the small snail in a small car. Thank you.

  • Becky Buchanan

    I’m in love with Huggy… xoxo!!

  • Heather

    Oh my – your flower arrangement is BEAUTIFUL. Have you ever done a tutorial on how to arrange flowers in a vase? My bouquets always end up looking like a stuffed a bouquet of flowers directly into a vase…because that is what I did. HELP!

  • Teresa O

    I’d love to learn about making vinegar! I always look forward to your everyday life posts because it helps me see the beauty in MY everyday life. ❤️

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