June 18, 2011

365- Week 23

A food related photo everyday until 2012. Here’s week 23:

167/365 We dipped into my dad’s Father’s Day gift a bit early…

dad's loot

168/365 Cooper’s FIRST ice cream sandwich!

cooper's first ice cream sandwich!!

167/365 Butter lettuce, turkey, cheddar, mustard & a cracker. Snack turned dinner.


166/365 Checking in on my Strawberry Infused Vodka.

Day 3

163/365 Snack time inspired a post on feeding kids!

making snack time more interesting....

164/365 Cheeseburgers & homemade french fries to welcome my husband back home!


163/365 Triple Berry Galette AFTERMATH!


  • Amanda

    Love coopers face! Can’t wait to share an ice cream sandwich for the first time with my lil guy Asher this summer! That fathers day gift looks like my dads dream come true- he always opens up his Hickory Farms gift set first thing on Chsitmas and justsits there all morning chowing down! Love food gifts 🙂

  • Katrina

    Aww how much did Cooper LOVE the ice cream sandwich? I didn’t have my first one until I was like 14! I must have been deprived.

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