August 24, 2009

Your first vacation, Cooper

You are almost 11 months old. Eek! That means we have to get a move on with your birthday party planning!  Yikes.


This past weekend was your FIRST OFFICIAL VACATION!

We went to Lake Tahoe with your Nana, Papa & Uncle Ryan.

We packed you up in the stroller and took you to the beach.  I know, you looked kinda silly huh?

all geared up for beaching

You looooved every second of being in the water.  We were surprised that the cold water didn’t phase you!


At one point you put a huge rock in your mouth….

the rockiest beach

I am so shocked you let us keep that hat on you for as long as you did.

in the water you go!

You were such a trooper!

in lake tahoe!

don't forget to point

You did a great job at kicking in the water!

We saw a lot of cool trees!

looking up

dead? or alive?

And spotted beautiful daisies!

outside the house

We relaxed by the water & watched boats


The water was soooooo cold but prettie!


at the beach (a rocky beach!)

We took you to a park!

this is pretty cool, dad

We went out to lunch and you had your first french fry!

polka dot lunch

You loved it!  And then you made a funny face when you tried a lil bit of lemon!

silly bubbs

You also had your first taste of an ice cream cone!  Your silly parents were too involved with eating their soft serve to take pics.  Forgive us?

I am pretty sure that won’t be the last time!

let me in!

a bottle makes it all better

You climbed up stairs, you played with trucks, and you pointed at EVERYTHING and EVERYONE that caught your interest!

The last night of the trip you woke up at 1am and didn’t go back to sleep.  It was because you had soo much fun, wasn’t it?

Other than that debacle, you were a perfect lil angel.

We had a good trip-mainly because we shared it with you!


Your mommy loves you.

  • shokoofeh

    this post is so beautiful that I have a big smile on my face and some little drops of tear in my eyes…

    He’s so adorable, and he makes me miss my darling nephew way much more …

  • peachey

    i smiled, then smiled bigger, then as wide as i could go.

  • heather

    “I’m number one!” he shouts!! I cannot wait for those moments…



  • P

    Cooper is so gorgeous!

  • maija

    ha-ha, I think it is ok you missed the ice cream cone photo op, as the lemon one is so amazing. Love that face. I also love his #1 water shot. What a cutie-patootie – I think you made my ovaries start yelling with these cute photos.

  • alex*strawberrylemonade

    beeyoootiful m’lady.
    such a sweet boy, that cooper is. i love he had his first french fry!!! hee
    also, your water photos were GORGEOUS. i love your photos.

  • Laura

    What a beautiful post and a beautiful little boy! I love to follow your blog and would like to thank you for posting the jicama and blood orange salad. My sister and I used it for a bridal shower we hosted recently and it was very successful! I have made a few of your recipes and have loved every one. Next I’m going to try those salted caramels!

  • Cousin Jen

    I cannot believe he is going to be one already! He is so adorable,he looks like a mox of both of you to me.

    Give him hugs from his cousins!

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