October 8, 2011

365-Week 40

A food related photo everyday until 2012. Here’s week 39:

283/365 My favorite deli sandwich eaten under a giant redwood tree.


282/365 Chicken soup for dinner.


281/365  Hot tea & the latest anthro catalog.


280/365 Hot Toddy Time (still sick).


279/365 Chinese Takeout= Hot & Sour Soup for the Soul.


277/365 Making Cooper’s Birthday Cake!


276/365 Making Garlic Ginger Toast to knock out sickness.


  • Carrie Rosalind

    I love these posts every week – you seriously keep me so inspired by the fact that you always take the most beautiful pictures of your food!

  • lynn @ the actor's diet

    i still can’t get over cooper’s cake and your beautiful work. on his 30th bday i decorated a store-bought carrot cake to look like a baseball for my husband. i just asked him (he’s turning 36 this year) if he remembered it. he did not.

  • Emily @ Wardrobe Block

    Ginger and garlis toast? Yes please. Also the birthday cake is amazing!

  • jen @ the baked life

    hot & sour is the best thing to kick a cold in the butt. Hope it worked 🙂

  • Katrina

    Mmm that cake looks all kinds of lovely.

  • Kim

    I’m impressed by your pipping on the cake! The colors look perfect. That sandwich is making me hungry, I think it’s the pickles.

  • Stephanie Lang

    Which deli? It sort of reminds me of Mill Valley Market sandwiches in Marin.

    • Tracy

      Ahh it’s just a little ole market in the city. Nothing special. BUT- there’s pepperoncini, mustard, pepper jack, tomatoes, sprouts, lettuce, avocado & roasted red peppers. NOM.

  • Emma

    Tracy your photos are amazing. I would love to be as talented as you one day on that front. Hope the cold is gone now – a big bowl of hot chili something to clear the sinuses always works for me.
    ps:love the podcasts, i usually curl up in bed when the kiddies are alseep and listen in for a few giggles

  • melanie

    I really like your nail polish in the deli sammie photo. What kind is it?

    My fave sandwich in Boulder is at Lindsay’s Deli on Pearl Street: the aptly named PEARL ST. GARDEN VEGGIE

    provolone, avocado, spinach, cucumber,
    red onion, sundried tomatoes, olives,
    banana peppers, pesto, & garlic mayo
    on cracked wheat

    so, so tasty. thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  • vanessa

    is that woodside? we HAVE to stop at woodside every time we are down that way. yum….

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