January 16, 2011

Antipasti Party

the spread

We had a little impromptu Antipasti Party this afternoon at our house. The last time our friends were over, we were eating Panettone French Toast, my friend was pregnant, and it was raining cats & dogs. Today the sun was shining and we were able to meet their brand new baby while devouring a nice little selection of Italian cheeses and cured meats!

This morning Casey, Cooper & I took a stroll to our local deli to pick up our goods.

Here’s our loot!


I put the cheese on the plate and served it with our favorite fig jam from the girl & the fig.

One of the cheeses was a fontinella and the other one was much harder/stinkier cheese–I forgot the name!


I put the meats on a plate– prosciutto, coppa & a very thinly sliced chorizo.

plating the coppa

I cut up some french bread, slathered it with olive oil and toasted it in the oven. Bam! Crostini.

making crostini

I also made a yummy salad to accompany our cured meats & cheeses.

Arugula, fennel and oranges in a very light vinaigrette.

My food blogger friend, Danielle made this at her Champagne Tasting party yesterday and I was SMITTEN!

(I’ll post the recipe soon!)

salad prep

Our friends brought over a bottle of sparkling wine for the occasion….


I put out some fancy sardines in olive oil, sliced turkey (for the kids) as well as some bread sticks.


I took pictures and we dug in! I really liked the combination of the fontinella with the salad on top.

Creamy cheese with peppery arugula & sweet oranges=YUM

fontinella with salad

It wasn’t until we were on our last round of bread that my friend Patrick asked for some balsamic. WHOOPS!

Would have been nice to have had it early on…Here it is with some prosciutto!

prosciutto with balsamic

And here we are…stuffed beyond belief. I’m surprised at how much we plowed through!

and we're stuffed.
Having an antipasti party is fun because it’s like having an indoor picnic! You can have a good time experimenting with all of the different ingredients to make the perfect bite. The atmosphere is super casual and laid back—perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

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