August 11, 2011

Episode #13 is Live!!

Friends! This week on the Joy the Baker Podcast over at Homefries, we’re at it again!

We’re PAYING IT FORWARD!  On this episode you’ll find:

  • our response to listener’s RED FLAGS
  • our first question from a listener on AIR!
  • Good Karma tips & how to Pay it Forward!
  • birthday parties for cats (I can’t believe I just typed that).
  • more info on the Homefries U Retreat & our first giveaway!
  • you can also see a picture of the delicious pizza I made & didn’t eat. Cleansing!

You won’t want to miss it! Come check it out!

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  • BlushingBaker

    Best podcast ever! I’m sure my neighbors think I’m crazy to be laughing my head off by myself in the morning! You ladies are funny, it’s like sitting down for coffee with friends!
    Also just tried your recipe for ahh mazing pizza, yes!!! So good! I’ve tried SO many pizza recipes, this is the only one that has turned out like the kind I pay WAY to much for, and boyfriend approved, and that boy know’s his pizza! Thank you!!!

    • Tracy

      YES!!! Isn’t that pizza amazing? I need to make it again. SOON! It’s totally like restaurant quality.

  • Janet

    My friend was just telling me about a resort she stayed at where there was only one other guest. RED FLAG!!!

  • Julie @BananasforBourbon

    Loved it. I need to stop listening to you guys during my morning workouts. I get so enthralled that I end up just standing around listening. Love the red flag segments. Hope they never end. 🙂

    Guy red flag: when he addresses every single person he knows with a nickname, rather than their given name, that’s a red flag. It means he’s a loser with no friends, but thinks being on a “nickname basis” with people makes them friends.

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