halloween decor 2011

I didn’t have to buy much for Halloween this year. Just some creepy black faux flowers & a big spider.

halloween decor 2011

I put the creepy black flowers in an empty wine bottle off to the right hand side of the mantle.

halloween decor 2011

And then on the left hand side I put more flowers in a black mason jar next to the silver glittered skull.

halloween decor 2011

Black?! That’s right! I spray painted it with a matte black finish. Pretty cool, huh? Instant Halloween vase!

halloween decor 2011

My neighbor gave me these pretty glass pumpkins two years ago for my birthday. I love them!

halloween decor 2011

Can you believe I forgot to put them out last year? (woops!)

halloween decor 2011

And slowly little elements of Halloween creep into the rest of the living room.

How long before Cooper gets into that spider?

halloween decor 2011

My guess is 2.5 seconds! That spider had red marks all over it. With the help of spray paint, I fixed it!

halloween decor 2011

Now I’m off to figure out what kind of Halloween candy we’re giving out this year…Oh boy.

  • Joana

    so cool! and very chic too! I love the spider!
    btw, I like the new header!*

  • kellybee

    Love those glass pumpkins. And your new boarder~don’t know how long it’s looked like but just noticed it today! Happy October!!!

  • Ashlae

    Beautiful! But, now I’m lusting to see photos of the rest of your house.. 🙂

  • Robyn

    what is cooper going to be for halloween?! and please tell me there is a halloween podcast coming up! i wonder if you or joy were ever jem for halloween? or maybe a ninja turtle? or some other 80s cartoon? i was definitely strawberry shortcake.

    • Tracy

      We’re still trying to figure that out. Yesterday he wanted to be a pirate, last week he wanted to be a space ship!!! AHH!

      Halloween podcast next week. Stay tuned!

  • Megan Gordon

    a) I love you, b) I wish we lived closer, c) I bet you buy really good Halloween candy and d) I like that striped shirt. xox

    • Tracy

      a. right back at ya!
      b. I KNOOOOOOW!!! That would be insane, right?!
      c. We do…and we always have leftovers….
      d. thanks! GAP!

  • Dottie

    I love your amazing Halloween decor! Totally is getting me excited and wanting to spook up our place a bit!

    Thanks for the inspiration, lady!

    And let’s get those drinks with Alex!

  • Amanda Barkey

    Love it! I especially love that big silver guy in the middle- gorgeous! Like the new header too!

  • Vanessa

    Love love the decorations and the new header! Spooky elegant mantle and simple but eye-pleasing for the header! *high five*

    I asked this question under a different post, but this one is more appropriate so I’ll post it here!

    Do you have any ideas on how I can decorate a large unruly shrub bush in my front yard for Halloween other than covering it with spiders and webs like I’ve been doing?

    Tracy, you are my decorating idol. I dream of being even one-quarter as awesome as you are with those mad decorating skills! 😉

    Catch ya later!

    • Tracy

      been thinking about that for you…

      you can make it stripey! Like tim burton stripey
      you could stick creepy heads on it so it looks like they’re popping out

      what about turning it into a headstone?
      or maybe put a face on it and turn it into a monster?!

  • Katrina

    Fantastic! You went all out! Love it.

  • loulou downtown

    Your decorations look great! Love the pumpkins … Very nice.

  • Liv B

    In Australia we don’t celebrate Halloween the same way. It’s a good excuse for a party, but it’s never quite the same. We’ve recently moved into a new house & it’s a great size for entertaining. So, as our house warming, we’re having a halloween party! & I’m going to decorate & make ghoulish treats & have a *real* halloween party!

  • miss james

    you’re so cute. my favorite part is my friends reflection in the mirror, the pixie hairdo the black flowers and the black painted kerr jar.

  • Lookwhaticndo

    So gorgeous!!!
    Love those glass pumpkins…to die for!!!

  • stefanie renee

    so awesome! I totally want a tour of the rest of the house 🙂
    you have such a good eye ~ a true decorator !!


  • Lauren

    Ooooh looks very pretty. I’m finally working on my decor ( with the help of DS Henry). October is not quite half way over right?

  • Samantha

    Oh my, your house is beautiful. I’m super jealous! I love the chic-ness of everything! Plus your decorations match so perfectly.

    I basically love it.

  • Chez Us

    I really love how you decorate your house for the seasons and holidays. I cannot wait to steal some of your ideas for our house. 2012 will be the year that Chez Us gets their decorating ON.

  • Nicki Woo

    Looks gorg. I really love the look of the Kerr Jar painted black. One could do so very much with that. Bwaahhhaaahhaa:)

  • heather @ chiknpastry

    you’re a big fan of stripes, eh?! I looked at the pics from the previous halloweens that you posted earlier – stripes too! black + white. ha ha haha.

    the mantle looks great. i never get into decorating for holidays, but maybe that will change if we decide to procreate ;).

    ps – i like stripes too.

  • Cara

    What a chic Halloween spread! I love the black mason jar vase and those beautiful glass and glitter pumpkins. Did you glitter them yourself, I’m looking to do that with a skull I have!

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  • Rachel

    Your Halloween decorations are always the best! P.S. I like the new blog banner! Slick.

  • jane

    Somewhere I have read that Halloween is going to be black and white this year,,,You article is as if proving this….I like the contrast of black and white…

    Only I can’t find where I read(((

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