January 18, 2011

Orange Ricotta Pancakes

Did you know that I’ve always wanted to participate in an eating contest? I’m totally being serious here. Over the past few years I’ve been trying to figure out what would be a good item to compete with. You know what would be terrible? Pancakes. I could eat about 3 and then I’d be down for the count. Pancakes wouldn’t get me far; they always seem like a good idea until the moment they start expanding in my stomach. Lead weights, I tell ya. LEAD WEIGHTS.  Although now that I’ve made these Orange Ricotta Pancakes, I’m reconsidering. Light fluffy ricotta pancakes speckled with orange zest and a little drizzle of syrup….I could seriously eat all 12 that this recipe makes. They might be on the my list next to competitive tater tot eating. I don’t know…I’m still thinking about it…

And we’re off!

Gather your ingredients!

Grate your orange. Zesty!

Mix sugar, eggs, ricotta & orange zest in a big bowl.

Now add that teeny bit of flour. That’s why they’re so fluffy! Not a lot of flour!

And here you have your batter! If it’s too thick, add a little milk. I did.


Spread the batter on your oiled skillet. It’s a little thick, but don’t worry— it will work out!

Cook each side for 4-5 minutes and transfer to a paper towel. I guess they need to drain? Mine weren’t that wet.

Ahhhh steamy ricotta pancakes! The perfect spa date.

Add some butter on top…and a few orange segments in the background…..drizzle with maple syrup.

Look at how light and fluffy that pancake is!

Who wants to challenge me to an eating contest, now??

Orange Ricotta Pancakes

Serves 4

(recipe from Everyday Food Magazine)

  • 1 3/4 cup part-skim ricotta cheese (15 ounces)
  • 1/3 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 tablespoon grated orange zest
  • 2/3 cup all purpose flour
  • 2 tablespoons milk
  • 3 tablespoons canola oil
  • Confectioner’s sugar or maple syrup for serving

In a medium bowl, whisk together the ricotta, sugar, eggs and orange zest. Mix in the all purpose flour until just combined. If the batter is very thick, add milk to slightly thin it out.

Heat 3 tablespoons canola oil in a large skillet over medium low heat. Working in batches (and adding more oil to the skilled if necessary) add the batter, using a scant 1/4 cup for each pancake. Cook until browned, about 4-5 minutes per side. Transfer pancakes to a paper towel lined plate to drain. Serve hot, dusted with confectioner’s sugar or drizzled with maple syrup. Butter is most welcomed!

  • Nicole

    Beautiful pancakes! Have you ever seen Man vs. Food? He always says the starches are the roadblock 🙂

  • Janet


    Also, I TOTALLY challenge you to an eating contest. I say we compete with my mom’s homemade Hanukkah donuts. Her family used to have competitive eating contests around them growing up. Pretty sure I’ve eaten 20 before.

  • Laura

    I just made these for dinner! They looked so good that I abandoned the baked chicken and made pancakes instead. Used lemon zest since I don’t have any oranges. Yum. These were a big hit. Thank you for giving me an excuse to have breakfast for dinner (not that I need much encouraging)!

    • Tracy

      Fantastic, LAURA!!! I like the idea of lemon zest! I’m gonna try that next time. P.S.- I LOVE breakfast for dinner!

  • Glenn

    I still have not yet managed to make a pancake to my satisfaction.
    Perhaps this will be the recipe to change things!
    Also, I just wanted to let you know after months of creepily lurking that you’ve really inspired me to actually attempt cooking in my little college apartment kitchen. You genuinely love food and flavor, and it really comes through; I just wanted to thank you. 🙂

    • Tracy

      Glenn- It took me awhile to get good at pancake making. It’s all in the thickness of the batter & the right heat in your skillet. Thank you for your kind words!! I’m so glad that I could inspire you!! Keep up the good work in your college apartment kitchen! I did some good groundwork in mine! 🙂

  • Katrina

    I want these now!

  • Noah

    I spent 14 min. writing a comment and when I finally finished Chrome crashed and my comment was lost. So now I will keep it very short and straight to the point. I find something interesting to read on your blog every time I visit it. Respect!

  • Michelle

    You know when they show those hot dog eating contests on tv? I totally can’t watch them! It grosses me out in a hundred ways, and I love a good hot dog. So, sorry, but I don’t think I can challenge you. 🙂 though I do like that one commercial for Hidden Valley where the kids are pigging down a salad. Ha!

    I’m loving your addition of ricotta in your pancakes. I’m bookmarking to ask my hubs to make me some.

    • Tracy

      yes….that’s like REAL competition. I’m talking about a contest with a few friends! They make hot dogs looks less appetizing (and i love hot dogs!)

  • Jessica

    I’d be a good competitor to be up against because I’d probably be the first one out! There was a place down the street from me in Cleveland that had lemon ricotta pancakes. Mmm… I don’t know why I always forget that making pancakes is an option, but should totally fix that and make these!

  • Amanda

    I have actually taken up competitive eating and running in the same breath. In a couple of weeks I’ll be participating in the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Run. You have to run 2 miles, eat a dozen doughnuts, and then run 2 more miles back. I’ve been looking for some good foods to train with and this look like a perfect candidate!

  • Ani

    My favourite is having pancakes for dinner. I’ve never had flavoured ones though, i think that is maybe an american thing. I usually just smother them in honey or nutella!

  • Jane M

    Same feeling with the fennel as I went to a Tapas restaurant in DC and had the same salad. Recreated it at home and it was just as great!

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