The Podcast!!!

Need something to listen to while yer cooking dinner, commuting to work, washing windows on really tall skyscrapers, working out, or just hanging outside drinking gin? Listen to the Joy the Baker podcast! It’s silly, super informative (maybe just a little), ridiculous, thought-provoking and just plain FUN. Joy & I talk about food, blogs, kitchen gear, boys, Joy’s chipped tooth, candy….you know, fun stuff! People really like it so far, and I’m sure you will too!

So go to and check it out. There’s a picture of me on my sofa. You can see a chip on my wall.

  • Meg

    1. The podcast allowed me to discover your site. It looks great and can’t wait to look through your posts. 2. The 5 question segment was hilarious.

  • miss james

    LOVE that picture lady. you look bee-u-ti-ful!

  • nicolle

    the podcast is awesome and so are YOU!

  • linsiloo

    You guys make me laugh! ps. Tracy I think you sound exactly like Winona Ryder which is kind of freaking me out. haha!

  • Joythebaker

    We look like thugs.

  • Janet

    Loooove it! Halfway through the second one, can’t wait for more. Favorite lines so far: “You look pretty.” “You can’t see me.” and “Isn’t gold God’s gold?”

    PS: When I was a kid our babysitter made us garlic bread, and I thought it tasted kind of weird. Turned out she had used leftover honey butter. Ewwww.

    PPS: Joy is so right about stale Peeps!

  • Lisa

    This is great! Congratulations on the new adventure! ; )

  • Jenny (VintageSugarcube)

    Congrats!! Those podcasts are sooo fun and you and Joy are perrrrfect together. 🙂

  • Nicole

    Can’t wait to check this out! Exciting!

  • kickpleat

    The past 2 months have been insanely busy and the crazies should end next week at this time. So when that happens, I will watch this and probably laugh a lot (and wish my hair was as cute as yours is). And I’ll probably turn to one of your recipes too cuz that’s just how it goes.

    • Tracy

      i can’t wait for you to listen!!!

      and your hair IS CUTE!!! Stop it. What recipe are you gonna try?? I love it when you do them!!!

  • L.

    GO YOU (And Joy!). First they brought you a fridge. Then you hooked the world up with a great listening experience. When Martha Stewart extends her well-moisturized hand and murmurs, in that deep, rich voice, “Tracy, please apprentice under me and take over my empire of baked goods and neutral-colored, natural fiber clothing”, I will ruin my pants. Every pair of pants. This joyful business is causing early-onset bladder dysfunction. This excitement is ruining slacks all over the nation. I would not have expected any less. Mazel of the Week goes to TBEAN.

    • Tracy

      FRIEND!! I’VE MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like something something fierce. Martha wouldn’t have me. I don’t like neutrals. It’s all BLACK AND WHITE BABY! CONTRAST.

  • Chez Us

    Very cute! Like it! I agree, I don’t like the 24 – 105 either. I am loving my 24 – 70mm.

  • regan

    Congrats ladies!

    I have downloaded the podcasts and plan on bringing them with me to my acupuncture appointment on Wednesday for mood music. I’m sure the acupuncturist will think I’m insane.

  • ursula

    I’ve listened to them both and they’re great! I wish I could be friends with you and Joy. ..

  • Anne @ Baking Me

    I listened to the podcasts last night and they are awesome! I think they are great because they are so relatable. Can’t wait for more!

  • sippitysup

    This is an amazing project. I am honored to be a part of it (The Table Set) and get to know you in the process. GREG

  • Glenn

    You have the cheekbones of a goddess.

  • jules

    more please! they were awesome!!

  • Jessica

    I’m so excited about this because you guys are two of my favorite bloggers! Was wanting to download the podcasts to my iphone but didn’t have enough space, but then discovered that I can play them instantly. Woo! Y’all are coming to the gym with me!

    • Tracy

      YAY!! What machines are you going to workout on while you’re listening to us?

      • Jessica

        I always call it “the weird elliptical-y thingy”, but apparently it’s an AMT: Finally listened to the first one today and loved it! The chick next to me probably thought I was nuts whenever I laughed. by the way, I’ve been calling Giada a bobblehead for SO long!! She’s pretty, but could totally be in a Steve Madden ad.

  • Joline

    You guys are both TOO cute! I love listening to you two talk about anything, you sound like some of my best friends! I was cracking up this morning with my morning coffee. listening to joy and tracy in the morning is the best way to start the day I say! keep making these please!

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