i love bananas

on the road to getting better…. each day the % of wellness increases! hooray!

p.s.-  i think i just died and went to heaven looking at the martha stewart living prop room! guhh!!!

  • Cara

    i know what you mean I am on week 3…. almost 90% better now.

  • Tracy

    week three???? omg say it ain’t so!! im only on week two. I pray it doesn’t last longer! get well soon! xo

  • Melisser

    Awww, glad you’re feeling a bit better. Get well soon! xo.

  • Tracy

    thanks hunny!

  • Patricia Scarpin

    I was drooling all over that, too. I’d lose myself in that room!

  • Marie-Eve

    I have the same breakfast as you every morning! And I add some sesame seeds on top. mmm

  • jenifer

    good breakfast, bananas will make you better.
    and echinacea.
    and vitamin c.
    and tea.
    and honey.
    and rest!

    go hug your pillow!
    feel better soon…

    (i’m making creamy fennel potato soup right now, i’ll save a virtual bowl for you)

  • L.

    Big T, seriously, this is not going AWAY. Eight Days, now, and I am getting physically stronger
    but there is so much crud still packed into my face and lungs that I’m getting hopeless.
    It is ridiculous. And EVERYONE has it, and it comes on fast, and I am tired of coughing.
    Oh man. I’m glad we’re miserable together.

    I wonder if squatters rights could be declared on that prop room.

  • vegantickles

    My husband and I love eating peanut butter and bananas toast.
    It’ s such an interesting combination of flavors.

    Thanks for posting the link to Martha’s prop room.
    Every cooks/housewife’s dream.

  • Tracy

    thanks for all your kind wishes!! feeling much much better!

    Big L!! GET BETTER NOW DAMMIT! are you on any drugs?? I got some antibiotics and they helped a bit!

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