Spring Decor 2011

Over the weekend I took down my Valentine’s Day decorations off the mantle. IT. WAS. TIME. I eventually want to put a pop of color on there…but I am not sure what color yet. This is what I came up with!

the spring

Everything is black & white…..just the way I like it.


I made own cherry blossoms over the weekend. I spray painted a few branches black and white.

I totally FELL head over heels for black glossy spray paint. Too bad I ran out!


I made flowers with a few flower punches at my neighbor’s house. I hot glued them directly on the branches.

to the left

Here’s the view from the couch.

view from the couch

I like how the branches are reflected in the mirror. Doubles the fun.


Here’s the right side of the mantle. I really liked this aspect of my Valentine’s decoration, so I kept it!

to the right

I just added one of my grandpa’s vintage cameras in the mix!

Maybe next month I’ll add a color. Although I really like the B&W…

  • deb

    So lovely. What happens when Coop can reach the mantle? Or is it high enough that it will be years from now? Jacob can now reach the tabletop, which is adorable, except he’ll wander into the back gnawing on a raw yam he found in my grocery bag! Oops.

    • Tracy

      Thanks Deb! For some reason he hasn’t attempted touching it. He could easily climb on the ottoman to get up there…I think I caught him once and he learned his lesson. But who knows…it’s bound to happen again! Yam! We had an incident with brown sugar…. Cooper got into my pantry when I wasn’t looking and dumped the whole container on the coffee table. When I caught him, he said “Sand! Sand Mama….YUM YUM YUM!”

  • Ashley

    I love it. I love, love your clock. When I discovered shiny black spray paint I went a little crazy. Nothing was safe.

    • Tracy

      I know, right??? It’s a good thing I ran out because EVERYTHING would be covered. I’m serious.
      I love that clock too! My MIL got it for me for my birthday one year. <3

  • Kristen

    Looks great!

  • Vanessa

    Your mantle is always so gorgeous!! I never would have thought to make my own branches like that, kudos to you!! Can I also say how much I love that wall that is reflected in the mirror!! I’m obsessed with walls covered in frames. I think it’s so cool.

  • The Fine Balance

    Really enjoying the black and white theme on the mantle! Cant believe you made your own cherry blossoms!

  • .amanda.

    oh, it looks awesome! I am a complete black and white fantastic as well…

    maybe a bit of olive green mixed in? [like some moss covered rocks for spring?]

  • Nikki

    Gorgeous! It’s so cool that you change your decor every so often. I’d really like to start doing that myself.

  • Jessica

    So classy as always! I want a pretty mantle when I grow up (yeah, I’m 29 :P).

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