My Everyday Life: Week 41

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 41

Running through the puddles at sunset to get dinner.

My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

We had a storm! I forgot how good the air smells after the rain.

My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

The fog rolled in.

My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

The fall morning light right now is insane. It’s very dark when we get up.

I am turning into an early morning person….slowly….

My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

I edited this photo instead of drinking a cocktail.

Processed with Snapseed.

A barrel of apples

My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

Morning cat break.

Hello, Rosie.

My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

Wazzup Ella.

My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

Sorry that this is NSFW but I think Rosie has Beyonce thighs.

Who runs the house?


My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

Neither of them is the true alpha.

They’re both geminis. They’re sisters but they’re complete opposites.

They can’t ever settle in. Although I do catch them sleeping together, in between Casey and I so I guess there’s that…

My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

Lighting bolt on my stairs.

My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

I threw out my back this week. Ella made it better.

I mean…the chiropractor did. My hamstrings are tight AF.

Gotta do more stretches.

Does anyone follow a stretching routine online? I’m looking for one to incorporate in my morning routine. Lemme know!

My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

Laundry helper.

My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

A fuse blew on our espresso machine this week.

French press one morning. I kinda miss that process. I don’t miss cleaning it though.

My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

Whole30 doesn’t suck when you can eat THIS.

My Everyday Life: Week 41 on


My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

I lost my glasses and then I found them.

As I’m looking at this picture, I can’t remember where I put them last.

This is 37.

My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

I want a reward for working on all of the following things and NOT eating them:

creamy penne turned into a CRUSTY MAC & CHEESE

My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

buttery mashed potatoes whipped to perfection

My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

A THANKSGIVING FEAST (for one potato)

My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

I made a pan of cornbread. Did not eat that cornbread as I turned it into a


My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

Ok. Ok. I MEAN. Like…if I can do Whole30, you can. BECAUSE I DID THAT WITHOUT EVEN TASTING A THING.

Back to cat photos…

My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

We watched turkeys together today. It was delightful.

We never had turkeys at this house when I was growing up.

My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

Working on some new vignettes around the house for Fall.

Here’s the mantle. That illustration is a drawing a self portrait I did when I was 5.

My Everyday Life: Week 41 on

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  • Allison

    I definitely laughed out loud at those Beyonce thighs. 😀

    I’ve recently started rolling out my back/hamstrings with a foam roller every morning when I get out of bed, and I’ve found it’s been really helping decrease my back pain and general stiffness. It’s kind of like a mini-massage first thing in the morning, which is kind of a nice thing to wake up to (and I find it’s easier than trying to force my sleepy body to stretch when everything’s not quite awake yet).

    Then, when I exercise, I like to stretch when my body is warmer. Standing quad stretches, then calves, hamstrings, sitting butt/hip stretches, and then lunge stretches to get the front of the hips (really good for you if you sit a lot). And more foam rolling at the end of the day is always a good thing. Hope that helps!

    • Monica B.

      I second the comment stretching when my body is warmer. I just said this to my beloved. It’s challenging to stretch when it’s cold – makes a difference – as these temperatures begin to drop.

  • Monica B.

    I always love this delightful sunday virtual check-in for the week. I love seeing the beauty you see in your week. And, it is so inspiring and encourages me to look back at my week with delight. January 2016 I made the resolve to stretch more and it has been helpful in many ways. I started small, 10-15 min a day, stretching my legs and back. Then through your site, on a Friday list (April?) I read the relieve stress link for the psoas muscle. It has made a world of difference – so much difference that I have incorporated that and a bit of yoga into my stretch routine. There is Yoga by Adrian if you want to practice at home. What was a 10-15 min stretch is unto an 1 hour early morning (not every day) and I feel a world of difference all around. Tracy, this is a “blog of goodness” here. Thank you for being open and sharing. Have a great week!

  • Candice

    You had a thing for stripes even at 5!!!!

  • Branka

    Stacey l’ve been subscribing to a homeopathic doctor named Dr. Ben Kim. He has many stretching and foam rolling videos on his website. Just google his name which is the name if his site.
    I like him and he’s just very practical and has a no nonsense no pressure to buy approach.

  • Paula

    Sun salutations are a great way to get your body warm quickly and do some light stretching in the morning. I fractured a vertebra the other month, and walking combined with sun salutations were my substitute for intense exercise while it healed.

  • Hannah

    I recommend for all the things. I ditched the gym after finding them. Their workouts are free, and they have great stretching videos. I also second a foam roller!

  • Nandhini

    Yoga TX Cole chance in youtube has amazing streches for each part of the body and her morning and night routine are great! My tight shoulders and hips feels masssaged after I do it!


    Tracy, I’m such a big fan of both your photography and your recipes. Is it possible to buy/download them somewhere? I would love to decorate our house with some of your stunning photos!
    Thank you for this great site, I’m a regular reader since ages! Love from Hungary!

  • Vicke

    Happened to see a good series of yoga hamstring poses.

    I am a big fan of sun salutations in the morning. I add a twist in the middle. I also bend forward and then walk my hands out to plank, and walk my feet to my hands to get me up as a variation.

    I start slow and easy to warm up.

  • Maddie

    Hi Tracy,

    I love your blog and read it every day! It always makes me appreciate San Francisco and the bay area even more. I’ve been thinking about trying Whole30 but my birthday is coming up and I’m not sure I can do it just yet. Also, no sugar??! But kudos, you did it!


  • jessica mcleod

    I love your self portrait,

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