January 6, 2012

I love lists, Friday!

This week the list is longer than normal. I had some serious catching up to do!

  1. This Blood Orange Gin Sparkler has my name written ALL OVER IT. Gorgeous photos too!
  2. Bookshelf Porn. This pleases me so!
  3. I’m not a fudge fan, but I’m pretty sure I’d convert for this recipe. YUM.
  4. Going quiet. I admire what Shauna is doing. I wish I could do it myself!
  5. Look at how cute this butter is! Oh and the sweet potato biscuits look divine too!
  6. Sheena always blows me away with her photography.
  7. This article on the Joy of Quiet just proves we could all benefit from a little less screen time.
  8. Non Goals for 2012. LOVE this idea. Erin is brilliant!
  9. I want this for breakfast & lunch this weekend.
  10. 20 New Year’s Resolutions for 20- somethings. This is good!
  11. Because I always get asked how to cut a Butternut Squash. Elise helps you with that!
  12. Just another reason to love my friend, Cheryl. She’s hysterical.
  13. Oooh! A pretty peacock print for sale!
  14. I’m totes gonna make one of these Vintage Style Headbands!
  15. Bon Appetit has a good looking  Food Lover’s Cleanse. My friend Kimberley shot the photos for it!
  16. This homemade ginger ale is totally going on the TO DO list.
  17. OprahReadsNews on Twitter. OHHHHH MY GOOOOOOSH.

But wait! There’s more:

Check out the first Joy the Baker Podcast of 2012! I go over my Disney cruise, we talk about EAT DAYS and how to start off your 2012 right!

Need some motivation for your resolutions? Let me help! I rounded up some of my favorite inspiration prints on Etsy over on High Straightenence this week!

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