My Everyday Life: Week 22

Here’s what this past week looked like:

During Memorial Day weekend, Casey & I had a day date. I love day dates. Cows under a tree!

My Everyday Life: Week 22

A special lunch just the two of us at K & L Bistro. 

My Everyday Life: Week 22

We went on a tour & tasting at Littorai. 

My Everyday Life: Week 22

I loved all the chamomile they have there.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

Cooper & I watching Canadian geese.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

Recycling strawberry baskets.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

Chicken fajitas outside.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

On our way to get Cooper a haircut.

My Everyday Life: Week 22


My Everyday Life: Week 22

He LOVES finger painting.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

GO DUCKS colors.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

I made the most amazing salad. I’ll share it with you soon!

My Everyday Life: Week 22

You are entering a world of pain. Merci.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

Lunch under a tree.

My Everyday Life: Week 22


My Everyday Life: Week 22

Morning rocking.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

Spinach, egg & feta with a side of shadows.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

Donut peach in my CSA this week.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

Layers. You must wear layers if you are in San Francisco.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

Also. Foccacia from Liguria Bakery in San Francisco. DO IT.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

We’ve been getting our Arrested Development on this week. So exciting!

My Everyday Life: Week 22


My Everyday Life: Week 22

Eyelash envy. His lashes are as straight as mine.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

A pretty accident.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

Farro Salad for a birthday picnic.

Farro Salad // shutterbean

Staging this Lemon Buttermilk Bundt Cake

Lemon Buttermilk Bundt Cake // shutterbean

Fog on the coast.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

Driving to meet up with family in Montara.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

We might have overdosed on s’mores.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

Drippy goodness.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

Flower picking.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

School farm.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

Four square.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

Hot toddies.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

Rainy car.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

Banana Slug says HELLO.

My Everyday Life: Week 22

  • R

    Oh those fajitas are amazing. And, odd though it may seem when I move back to England I think American green farmers market strawberry baskets are something I am really going to miss!

    • Tracy

      What do they have in England? Are they paper? wood?

      • Priya

        They are not aesthetically pleasing at all. You get a punnet of strawberries in gross clear plastic tubs (same with other berries too). Oh and I’ve got some farro salad in my fridge waiting to be eaten! Apart from its made with spelt cos I can’t find farro anywhere.

      • Rachel

        Yep, as Priya said they are plastic like if you were to get your strawberries from Trader Joes. Or, if you are lucky at some farmers markets (or farm shops, we have more of those than actual markets) card like the long white boxes you usually get groups of three green baskets together.

  • Hannah

    Looks like a great week. You’ve inspired me to finger paint with my 3year old, going to frame those little boy hands and keep them small forever!

    • Tracy

      It’s so much fun! I find mixing paints to be super relaxing. I cherish the moments we have together doing art!

  • Brenda (Kookt)

    I love your pictures, always.

  • Sarah

    I’ve never seen a banana slug; they’re cool looking! Love the picture of Cooper rocking out too!

  • Abby @The Frosted Vegan

    Ok could a.) Cooper be any cuter?! and b.) could you be any more stylish, love!

  • Sarah

    I love these pictures. It’s like a window into the world that you share with your hubs and cooper. Magical.

  • Kim @ Hungry Healthy Girl

    Wow! Looks like a fabulous week and lots of time spent with the people you love!

  • Elise

    My husband and I have been watching Arrested Development all week too! We’re holding off on the new season and watching them over from season 1. Is that too much? haha. LOVE the photos as always.

    • Tracy

      My husband did that! I wanted to but didn’t have the time 🙁

  • Yentl

    What a Beautiful week!

  • Maria Tadic

    That is the craziest slug I’ve ever seen. It so….yellow! As much as I hate bugs, I think I’d like that banana slug!

  • Katrina

    I love that raw egg picture! Your hair is great too! You are beautiful!

  • Maci

    Gorgeous photos, as usual! 🙂 Brittany Crêpes?

    • Tracy

      If that’s the Crepe place at the Terra Linda Farmer’s Market, then yes 🙂 i didn’t catch the name.

  • Leah

    The picture of Cooper rocking out in the morning sun is amazing! The beautifully lighting adds such a cool vibe to the photo! Love!!

    • Tracy

      Thank you! We get some exceptional light in the morning! Sometimes we have to wear sunglasses at breakfast 😉

  • Abby

    always such beautiful photos.
    love these!

  • Jenny K

    I so look forward to your weekly posts! The relationship between you & Cooper is so sweet! Also can’t wait for that salad recipe…looks screamin!

  • Caley Hirsch

    Strawberry basket jail for lego men!! I love it! Also, we should really play 4 square one of these days. Best game ever.

  • Angela

    The lego men look so angry in their strawberry basket jail!

  • Jenna

    Amazing photos! Love the raindrops on the car, the egg, everything!

  • Katie

    Gurrrrlll, I am lovin the hair lately. Making me think about chopping mine off again. Also loving your pics this week!

  • Jayne

    Really love these pics. You have good taste in shoes. Also, I want those lashes!

  • Canan

    Love your website! so glad I discovered it. Love the Red Sox shirt on Cooper!

  • Lindsay

    Are you or the Mr. Duck alumni or just fans? I’m a dieheard Duck (3 generations, baby!) and think that I might adore you more than I ever thought possible (and I didn’t think it was possible!!) 🙂 YelOOOOOOOOO!!! 😀

    • Tracy

      Yup!! I graduated in 2001 🙂

      • Julie

        GO DUCKS!!! I adore you even more now too!

      • Lindsay

        No way! I was there from 98-02! I used to work at 6th Street Bar and Grill as well. I bet we probably walked past each other on campus at some point or I served you if you ever went there 🙂

  • Sydney

    Amazing. Seriously ah-mahzing. I love your photo series, you totally have the photographers eye!

  • Jamie

    Morning Rocking should be a poster! So sweet.

  • tara

    Beautiful pictures! I love the egg! It looks so cool!

  • India

    LOVE learning that you’re a Duck with this post!!! Coops is already giving Puddles a run for his money with those finger paint colors.

  • Erica

    Your photos are beautiful and inspiring and make me nostalgic about growing up in Mill Valley and Tiburon. In addittion, every recipe of yours that I have tried has been amazing. Thank you for all you do!

  • Stacey

    I’m going to die of laughter if you tell me you put the “Blue” picture after the Arrested Development one on purpose’ “I blue myself.”

    Cooper is the cutest, ever ever.

  • Reynaul

    Love the pictures! Look forward to this every week, makes my week just a little bit brighter! Thanks!

  • Jessica

    Always love your photos, but especially in love with the raindrops, the banana slug and the queen anne’s lace. The queen anne’s lace makes me think of my mom and her yelling at my dad to stop along random country roads while driving to my grandma’s so she could jump out of the car and pick some. 🙂

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