November 14, 2007

Ginger Tea

Favorite Trader Joe’s Item #14: Ginger

frech ginger

Yup…simple ginger.

One of the most common uses for ginger in my kitchen is Ginger Tea. It’s perfect for this time of year. Especially during the cold season when you need some throat comfort, and your dying for something to warm you up!

ingredients for ginger tea

Cut up a knob of ginger (the more you use…the spicier it will be). I used a 3 inch piece in this batch. Add some honey and cloves. The amount really depends on you. I’d skimp on the honey at first and then add more later.

Put it all in a pot and cover with water. This batch made about 4 cups.

in the pot you go

Simmer over the stove for awhile. The longer you let it sit, the stronger it gets. There’s really no science to it. Just taste as you go. If it’s too strong, add some more honey. (I’d leave it going for a good 20 minutes)

And then you have the perfect cup of ginger tea. Perfect at any time of day. Perfect way to awaken your senses and wake you up without the harsh effects of caffeine.

tada!  ginger tea

Sometimes I save the extra tea and chill it. It’s great mixed with club soda & some lemonade. I’ve made a cocktail with it by adding cranberry, fresh lime and vodka. How could that not be good?

Or add some apple juice in the mixture and heat it up. It will make your house smell wonderful.

Either way, I hope you enjoy!

  • C

    I’m one of those weirdo people who doesn’t really like ginger. I find it to be jus too overwhelming in almost all instances. I will bow to it’s healing powers though, nothing like it to soothe a sore throat.

  • Tracy

    i started liking ginger a few years ago. A little goes a long way 😉

  • aamena

    wow, thats a lot of ginger! we usually use a bit of ginger and a clove or two in our regular tea!

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