July 18, 2014

I love lists, Friday!



  1. I adore Matt. I really really do. And of course…Gaby too!
  2. How colors play tricks with your mind {grapes}
  3. Let’s get our draaaaank on.
  4. Babies are masters of crime.  It’s true.
  5. I wonder if Pinot would like a cat tower
  6. Who doesn’t love a good Before & After roundup??
  7. That kid from Little People Big World is a great photographer.
  8. Raspberry Ripple Buckwheat Porridge looks good and is fun to say!
  9. I want to do this nail art with golden & black.
  10. This is the ice cream of my dreams! 
  11. Love reading these My Beauty Uniform Posts.
  12. I bet Cooper would go nuts for one of these.
  13. More lifehacks!   I’ve been employing that banana trick since I listened to Uhh Yeah Dude. 
  14. AMEN.
  15. Airbnb logos….  If you don’t know about the controversy here’s some info. 🙂
  16. Now THIS is a birthday party!
  17. 8 Things I Will Teach My Children (some good ones there)
  18. Photos that show what hasn’t changed about motherhood in 50 years.
  19. A food stylist’s secrets to creating a sexy burger.






There’s a new Joy the Baker Podcast! ONE SMART FELLOW….. While you’re on Homefries, check out the new site!

Thank you Mom.me for including me as one of your Top 50 Mom Food Bloggers!! 





  • Kate @ ¡Hola! Jalapeño

    That picture of you with the rainbow in the background is so awesome! The mother in me wants to say “I hope you were stuck in traffic and not driving when you took that”. Sorry I couldn’t help myself!

  • Bri | Bites of Bri

    I love your lists, Tracy! The AirBNB controversy that I somehow missed, the before and afters (I am addicted to HGTV after all), and everything else…love. Have a good weekend.

  • Becky

    Thanks for the linkage, shmoo! Also,who can I pay to make me one of those cat towers?

  • Grace

    I must be really naive or something because when I saw the new Airbnb logo, I thought of an upside down heart.. but now I can’t unsee what others see!

  • Taylor

    My cats need that tower. Obviously.


  • Denise

    Too funny on AirBNB – we were working on that project when they unveiled all …. that was my thought exactly! Not to mention similar to Habitat.

  • Ella

    That cat tower looks so cool… makes me want to do something like that for my kitten!

  • marci

    Shout out – your hair and make-up both look fabulous! 🙂 Happy Friday!

  • Danielle

    I love those beauty routine posts on Cup of Jo too, and, no kidding, when I read that post the other day, something made me wonder if/when YOU would ever do one. (I totally miss High Staightenence too, I don’t want to get too greedy as a reader, but I wish that would come back!)

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