April 8, 2014

Out & About: Flora Grubb Gardens

Out & About: Flora Grubb Gardens

My love for plants started in college when I bought my first spider plant. I cannot tell you how many black & white images I took of that dang plant. I send my deepest apologies to my photography professors. I now get it. Not everyone is into pictures of plants like I am.  However, I managed to keep that spider plant alive for 5 years and made some new plants from cuttings. When I moved home to California, I moved into a new apartment with Casey where I proceeded to kill it. Caring for plants is a learning process. You have to pay attention, take notes  and act accordingly.  I’ve learned so much since then and I strive to learn even more!

I recently had a little Crazy Plant Lady date with my friends Jen & Leslie. We met for lunch and then headed Flora Grubb Gardens where I fell in love…felt paralyzed and vowed to come back AGAIN and AGAIN. If you’re into plants and you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, this place IS IT. It is purely plant heaven.  The only thing I regret was delaying my first visit for this long.  If you haven’t gone, GO.


I’ve seen Flora Grubb Garden featured in so many magazines and I can see why it’s garnered so much attention. It’s nothing short of amazing.  The environment makes you want to become more of a crazy plant lady.

Out & About: Flora Grubb Gardens

Not only do they have unusual plants, they’re a great source for inspiration. You will be blown away with some of their planting arrangements. One day I will have one of these guys.

Out & About: Flora Grubb Gardens

The staff is really friendly too.  I was able to troubleshoot why I had such a hard time with one of my plants with a member of the staff.  I totally over-watered…

Out & About: Flora Grubb Gardens

Incredible, right? I love the deep purple/pinks.

Out & About: Flora Grubb Gardens

These ones reminded me of Beetlejuice. If I say it three times can I take one of these plants home?


Out & About: Flora Grubb Gardens

Gorgeous colors.

Out & About: Flora Grubb Gardens

Nothing makes me happier than seeing little baby succulents lined up.

Out & About: Flora Grubb Gardens

Wall art that makes you want to touch it. Makes you think about what you can add to your backyard…

Out & About: Flora Grubb Gardens

This little guy came home with me.  It’s the second prickly cactus I own. Cooper is obsessed.

Out & About: Flora Grubb Gardens

I have major table envy.  It’s like a permanent arrangement and totally non-intrusive.

Can we talk about the lush garden around it?  Don’t think I don’t notice you, Japanese Maple.

Out & About: Flora Grubb Gardens

Little treasures everywhere.  Proof that small things can make a big impact.

Out & About: Flora Grubb Gardens

Amazing, right?

Out & About: Flora Grubb Gardens

We need a big succulent B in our backyard. On the TO DO LIST.

Out & About: Flora Grubb Gardens

And possibly some birdhouses?  I DID come home with some air  plants.

The best part is that they serve Ritual Coffee there so you can hangout in the garden with a tasty cappuccino.

Out & About: Flora Grubb Gardens

My name is Tracy and I am a crazy plant lady.

My Everyday Life: Week 14

Can’t stop/won’t stop.

Don’t delay! GO NOW.

Flora Grubb Gardens 

1634 Jerrold Ave, San Francisco, CA


    Plant HEAVEN! I’m only starting to get obsessed this year (23 and counting.. whoops!) but I love it already. I so wish we had these sorts of shops in Scotland!

  • Marie

    That TABLE. Obsessed.

  • shelly

    ughhhh why do i live all the way across the country 🙁 I love those wall mounted planters that sorta look like animal horns

  • Dixya @ Food, Pleasure, and Health

    i love visiting nurseries too..this place looks awesome.

  • Kate

    I used to have a staghorn fern (the one that looks like horns) tied to peat moss on a piece of tree bark. It lived in my shower for years! They love the steam.

  • Dona

    Ok, the plants are amazing I agree, but I can’t believe there is no mention of the coffee!

    • Tracy

      You’re absolutely right! I totally forgot about that. Will update. And next time I’m gonna get me a coffee. I love Ritual.

  • Cindy

    that place looks AMAZING! When we moved from Michigan back west we had to leave our Japanese Maple behind…we got it 8 years ago when we first moved in together. I may have totally shed a tear over it. I currently have one succulent, but I told my husband a great gift idea (he’s always asking) would be to get me some more little plants 😉

  • Amy

    I can’t wait to have my own house (April next year!!!) so that I can become crazy plant lady – the boyfriend has no idea what will be unleashed 😉
    We have staghorns growing on some of our palm trees at my parents place I was fascinated with them as a kid, in fact we also had spider plants, and I wrote a story about a magical time travelling and talking spider plant when I was about 8. Now who’s the weird plant lady?

  • Samantha Biobabbler

    omg LOVE this post, and SO excited you’re blogging about PLANTS! You have SO MANY bromeliads–I LOVE those guys. I was given one probably 15 years ago and still have it (a miracle).

    Have you been to the Getty in L.A.? They have SUCH amazing succulents and such fabulous plant combinations, I probably spent more time staring at their plants than at the art-that-hangs-on-walls.

    In your pink/purple shot I’m pretty sure is one of my all time favorite plants, Dudelya pulverulenta, a native species where I worked for the NPS in So. Cal. years ago. SO amazing, and looks like a freaky creature from Mars when it blooms. =) Have you been to Annie’s Annuals? It’s in Richmond, but I heard about it via a gardening podcast w/hosts from FAR fm. Calif. but they ADORE this place. You might wanna check it out… =) That’s where I got my D. pulverulenta. Their catalog is UNBELIEVABLE & there’s 50 million natives (so they’re very happy in our climate). WISH I lived closer. xo

  • Michelle

    Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m a crazy plant lady.

    *Planning a trip to Flora Grubb Gardens IMMEDIATELY.*

  • Jessica H.

    Wow! Amazing place and totally inspiring! This may just be the year I go plant crazy!

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  • jo

    Found my way over here from your friend Joy. Her food, your house/plants/organizing tips…I live vicariously through your awesome communities & style. Thanks for helping keep me creative.

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  • yoc

    hi, thanks for giving so much creative inspiration! i was wondering if you could give some tips on growing succulents and your thoughts on gardening as a hobby

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