November 10, 2009

food buzzin’

This past weekend I went to the First Annual Food Buzz Festival.  It was teeming with food bloggers from all around the country!

Soo much food! SOOOO much food. Soo much FREE alcohol!  FREE!

I don’t think that I could even recap- I wouldn’t know where to start!

I forgot my camera, so I used my cellphone this weekend.  That’s OK.

I knew at least someone would be taking pics!   Here’s a little visual for ya:

I spent most of my time with Joy, from Joy the Baker (who won the award for Best Baking Blog!!)  She is as amazing in real life as she is on the interweb.  I can’t wait til she moves up to Northern California.  Girl- we are gonna get our eat on like nobody’s bizzness!

I was also able to meet with these cool peeps:

Laura from Hey What’s for Dinner Mom?

Janet from Pretty Girl Girl

Zoe from Zoe Bakes

Chrystal & Amir from Duo Dishes

The Gals from We Are Not Martha

Patricia from Brownies for Dinner

Stephanie from Lick My Spoon

Rose from The Bite Me Kitchen

Linda of Salty Seattle

And many many others!!  I am going through all the business cards right now!

It was such a fun weekend!!  Lots of food, wine, laughs & random happenings.

Many thanks to Food Buzz & all of the sponsors!!!

And thanks to Casey for watching Coop and letting Momma have a break! You are soo good to me!  xoxo

  • Anali

    Great pictures! Looks like a great time. Maybe I’ll get to go to this one next year.

  • Rose

    It was great to meet you too. It was totally overwhelming! So much
    food, booze, people, free stuff! Glad you got a lil break!

  • Sues

    So good to meet you! What an amazing weekend… I wish we all lived closer and could have fun foodie events more often!

  • The Duo Dishes

    It was great to meet you! Who would’ve known you’d be a bundle of info on all things photography, Project Runway, food and astrology? Love it! Your blog is beautiful, and we’ll definitely keep in touch!

  • Janet

    So fun to hang out with you! Can’t wait to do it again soon! 🙂

  • Amanda

    aw, I wish I could have been there. Next time you and Joy have a girls weekend, let me know! I’ll come running, especially if there is champagne involved 🙂

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