January 7, 2014

Outfitting: Winter Weekend Wear

Outfitting: Winter Weekend Wear


My weekends are for errands at the earliest hour possible and hanging out with friends/family. My goal when dressing on the weekends is to be casual yet semi-polished. Today I’m sharing  my weekend winter uniform with you! Here in the Bay Area, I may or may not be wearing a coat…It’s been in the 60s this week!

First things first. Long & Lean jeans from Gap because they work really well on me (I get petite because I have short legs). This cardigan from Old Navy is AMAZING. I bought it in green & purple because I love the fit. It’s nice and long! Converse because HELLO, I can move around in them and they’re classic. A striped shirt because I’m Tracy Shutterbean. A scarf that’s black & white with polka dots because I like mixing patterns these days and I feel like mixing black & white with black & white works. My most favorite bag (ever?) because I can fit a lot inside (also with leopard lining!) and my new favorite earrings that add a nice pop of color to my black & white palette. If you see me at the grocery store I’m probably wearing this with my glasses on so you can’t tell I’m not wearing makeup. Please don’t look at the back of my head. My hair will probably be unkempt.

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  • Lori H

    I love this look! Beats a sweatshirt and yoga pants any day 🙂

  • Claire @Lemon Jelly Cake

    Oh, 60 degrees! Don’t taunt us East Coasters like that. 😉 I love that you mix patterns, it’s something I lack the boldness/artistry to attempt.

  • Jesse

    i wear very similar outfits on the weekends too. and i am so appreciate of the jean recommendation as my levis are ripping in some um unfortunate places? ekkk, buns and thighs! but i love all the layering and of course, the chucks. yes, always the chucks.

  • Alisha B

    “…because I’m Tracy Shutterbean” you crack me up. Great errand outfit. I have been meaning to check those jeans out since you mentioned them on the podcast. Thanks for reminding me!

  • Libby

    I have this cardi in green. I’m wearing it right now. With a black and white striped tank. I could be you for Halloween.
    But I won’t.

  • Melissa

    Gap’s Long and Lean jeans are my most favorite ever! I have been wearing them since they first came out. The best!

    • Tracy

      they are sooo good!! I totally thought I’d like curvy because hello CURVY but they didn’t fit right!!!!!

  • Iwona

    I just found your blog!!! It’ s very interesting!!! Cool photos:) Today on my blog pineapple: ) My parents always told me not to play with food, but by looking on food photography, I think they might be wrong. For me food, is always one of the greatest inspirations, very tasty inspiration: )!!! Do you also think so?

  • Emily

    Long and lean all the way! The first time the Gap lady told me to try them I was like “…but, I’m not long and lean; I’m hobbit shaped…” And that was the start of the greatest love story of our time.

  • Susan

    Cute outfit. Not too far off from my normal wear. But is not going to cut it in our -15 degree weather right now. It’s long underwear and fleece for us right now.

  • Denise

    Yeah for black and white uniforms! Most likely this what you or anyone will see me in all the time … I could not live without my converse sneakers. I wish I could pull strips off, but can’t. Lenny just asked me to add some color to my wardrobe so I am wearing blue studs (that he gave me) as my daily color!

  • Julie

    I also love the LL jeans at GAP– have they stopped calling the short size “ankle”– that was pretty humiliating for a while, but oh well! Quick question– your link to that black bag doesn’t seem to be working. Where is it from?

    • Tracy

      I just fixed the link! It’s from Banana Republic and it’s on sale right now! Woot woot!

  • Sarah @ The Cyclist's Wife

    You inspired me to get a pair of black Converse and I love them. Thank you!

    • Tracy

      There’s no going back! I have two pairs. One is my old beat up pair (that I take to the beach) and the other one I run errands in!

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