January 30, 2015

I love lists, Friday!


  1. It’s amazing what a little gold spray paint can do!
  2. This unsubstantiated theory of what may have happened between Adnan & Jay is good!
  3. This is my life.  Especially #2 & 11
  4. The Evolution of Diet – interesting read
  5. Some of these theater experiences are crazy.
  6. You have no idea how excited these cookies make me!!
  7. Some of the most emotional moments in the show Parenthood. Did you watch last night??!
  8. NACHO TIPS!!! 
  9. Cooper is learning about good deeds in school. Here are ways to pay it forward.
  10. Books read on the subway.
  11. Excuse me while I stare at these Fried Chicken Wings.…sigh….
  12. How to pick the right plant for your space.
  13. On Nine Years of Marriage. Loved this.
  14. Walnut Chicken. So cute/so random.
  15. I am jealous of Molly’s frosting skills.
  16. Why are vending machines so popular in Japan?
  17. What a cute idea for Valentine’s Day!
  18. How to avoid Gossip. Good tips, HJH!
  19. We take mini vacations as parents all the time. This made me laugh.
  20. What your email address says about you. So many LOLs on this one.

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