April 24, 2015

I love lists, Friday!


  1. How Tim Gunn spends his Sunday
  2. Best Burgers in America!
  3. Loved reading this list of Natural Beauty product recommendations.
  4. How do you make $100 Mac & Cheese?
  5. The food at Coachella actually looked pretty good.
  6. Puns make me so dang happy.
  7. Animal photobombs make me laugh.
  8. Volcano erupts in Chile. Gorgeous/scary.
  9. I just added this tunic to my wardrobe and LOVE IT.
  10. Mmmmmmmmmwaffles.
  11. Alton Brown always makes so much sense.
  12. Knowledge is power….especially when you’re designing pasta sauce jars!
  13. I am apart of the Oregon Trail Generation. What about you?
  14. Whhhhhhyyyyy is everything on the cloud these days?!
  15. How a flight attendant packs for a short trip.
  16. Why you should keep expectations high of others and not get disappointed when they don’t meet them.
  17. So funny because it’s true—- Last F*able day in Hollywood.
  18. Olds fail at technology. *snort*
  19. The perfect American Road Trip (total bucket list item here!)
  20. Where I was last weekend!

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