May 22, 2015

I love lists, Friday!


  1. I wonder if my cat would like this hoodie?
  2. Coffee cup drawings are pretty cool.
  3. Matcha Milkshakes look awesome!
  4. This cake broke my internet. OMG.
  5. Where to eat in Seattle!  Megan’s got you covered.
  6. These Slow Cooker Indian Tacos intrigue me.
  8. No…that’s not snow…it’s SPIDERWEBS. Oh man.
  9. What a beautiful guest bedroom. Love that pop of blue in the pillows.
  10. My  Get to Work Book is on its way and I cannot wait!!!
  11. Mad Men Recap!! What did you think? I keep thinking about it.
  12. Going on the TO MAKE list. This too!! OMG.
  13. This place looks DREAMY.
  14. What does your handwriting say about you?
  15. Oh gosh. I should do a post about all the things that annoy me that I ignore everyday.
  16. Anthony Bourdain is a smart man.
  17. 33 ways to Stay Creative.
  18. BEES!!!  How creepy/cool
  19. The history of San Francisco Place Names (SO COOL)
  20. Reading about anxiety triggers gives me anxiety. Whoa on a lot of these.
  21. Women + Food = these thoughts

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