February 26, 2016


I love lists Friday on Shutterbean.com

Welcome to I Love Lists Friday! Let’s surf the internet together. 

  1. All I ever want in a breakfast.
  2. Started a pinterest board for my Spring Capsule Wardrobe!
  3. Hello, gorgeous banana bread.
  4. Your gifs hypnotize me.
  5. Oh, Andrea. It’s beautiful.
  6. Gross Kitchen Habits….you’re probably guilty of
  7. This makes me want to paint.
  8. One of my favorite Mitch Hedberg jokes.
  9. Paint Water/Not Paint Water
  10. Understanding Cravings. I really needed to read this this week.
  11. Louis C.K.’s 70% Rule to Avoid Decision Paralysis
  12. Brilliantly witty comic strips.
  13. These brownies look bonkers.
  14. Kids reads to dogs. This is so cute.
  15. Omg #9
  16. I love looking at pictures like this
  17. All 20 Breakfast items at McDonald’s Ranked.
  18. I’d say my parents were pretty strict.  I’m grateful for it though.
  19. Amanda recreated one of my favorite breakfasts.
  20. Anagrams that will make you laugh & think.
  21. Rosa Parks’ featherweight peanut butter pancakes look light & fluffy

Recipes from the archives for your weekend adventures:

Books to Inspire:

Things that caught my eye:

  • Elyse

    Dude! What a great list this week!!
    I love those book suggestions. Happy Friday 🙂

  • Amanda

    We need to have a date at Bartavelle and eat our favorite breakfast soon xxo

  • andrea

    lady, I thank you. you know that means the world to me. xoxoxooox

  • Casey

    Found you because of bloglovin’ and the “writing pen” post. I too am a pen snob/addict/hoarder of all colors and textures and designs…

    Love the list idea and how varied your choices are! Can’t wait to read more. Casey

  • Libby

    good list! I love both the 52 Lists Project and A Year of Cozy, so we are very in sync these days.

  • Patti

    I always read you I Love Lists Friday and can’t believe I missed this one. I am a breakfast fanatic and love the two recipes especially the Persian breakfast.

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