July 3, 2015

I love lists, Friday!


  1. Technology & the Evolution of Story Telling. I enjoyed reading this.
  2. More dark house porn!
  3. What a beautiful photo. I love the color in the water
  4. This designer does some good work
  5. Summer Camp Ruined by iPhones.
  6. How Doing Nothing Became the Ultimate Vacation
  7. Related: Mom Spends Beach Vacation Assuming All Household Chores (TOO REAL)
  8. Dishwasher loading…Ughhh. Also haha.  The struggle is real.
  9. 10 Benefits of Having a Cat
  10. Hehehe. I could have written this article.
  11. Greatest Jokes Ever Told
  12. Worst types of Instagrammers. This video cracked me up.
  13. Such a cute summer outfit. 
  14.  Time’s when it’s OK to be Lazy.
  15. Photos from a space station.  I’d be taking pics 24/7.
  16. Nice moves, Channing.
  17. I am terrified of Sharks. Omg. This is my worst nightmare.
  18. This is pretty awesome.
  19. Are you apart of the compliment club? You should be.
  20. Who else is SUPER EXCITED about Wet Hot American Summer on Netflix??!
  21. Currently reading: The All You Can Dream Buffet and I picked up The Dinner from the library.


  • Sara

    tracy, could it be that link no. 17 with the sharks isn’t working?

  • Michele

    Thanks for another great list. You rock!

  • joannabee

    Always a great rounduo, Tracy. Thanks for all the emotion! BTW .. I don’t know if I missed the inaugural post, but I absolutely ADORE the new site tweak-up. It’s so classy!

  • Nissa

    Just finished The Dinner! SO GOOD. Please let us know your thoughts 🙂 Starting The Girl on the Train later today.

    Happy 4th to you and your beautiful family!

  • Abby

    Love these links!

  • Sharon

    I look forward to your lists…always a great read!

  • Jane M

    Yep- I took over the grilling YEARS ago. Couldn’t take the ” I hope ITS COOKED” phrase after the food was off the grill and on our plates! AND my hubs just told me that he’s amazed at how I grill everything to perfection! HIGH FIVES TO ME! Happy 4th

  • Giulia

    The link about it’s ok to be lazy is so useful and so true! I love it 🙂


  • Danica

    Oh. My. GOD. Wet hot American summer pre-quel?!?! Life is now complete.

  • Erica@ Everday Erica

    I just read The Dinner too! I’d love to know your thoughts…! We should start a food book club, how fun would that be!

  • Jessica

    Number 20: YES!!!!! I hadn’t heard that yet, so thank you!

    ps – I agree with Erica’s comment, curious what your thoughts on The Dinner will be! I read it for my book club a couple of years ago. I would totally participate in an online Shutterbean book club!

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